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Ethernet vs Home WiFi

Like many things in life, choosing the avenue for your internet transmission often comes down to convenience vs. performance. In this case, that means choosing between WiFi and Ethernet cabling. WiFi is an absolute lifesaver when you’re on the go: … Continue reading

WiFi, Guests and Common Sense

“It’s called WiFi Sense,” I tell my friend. “It’s a new thing in Windows 10 and people freaked out about it. “Why?” she asks, reaching for a TimTam. “Because they think it will let anyone in your contacts get your … Continue reading

What is the Internet of Things

When speculating about the future of the Internet, one of the most prominent visions is the Internet of Things. The concept of the Internet of Things is just as the name suggests: everyday objects or “things” connected to the internet … Continue reading

Home networking without the headache

The internet has come a long way in past decade; long gone are the days of one computer plugged into a modem. Phones, tablets, TVs, game consoles, set top boxes and even fridges can all get online, most with the … Continue reading

Understanding your speeds on the NBN

  This article is no longer current For the latest information about NBN speeds, please visit: By Rachael McIntyre With the National Broadband Network (NBN) currently rolling out across Australia, we thought it was time to shed some light … Continue reading