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Paving the way for mobile payment systems

It seems like your smartphone can do everything these days, and now it’s even capable of wireless payment. Traditional wallets could end up joining watches, maps and cameras as items made redundant by the ever-expanding functionalities of smartphones. The trend … Continue reading

How to kid-proof your tech

Sometimes technology and children just don’t mix. Whether it’s inappropriate content on the internet or kids’ inability to treat expensive devices with care, there are heaps of reasons why you might be afraid of your kids using your electronics. However, … Continue reading

Health check for your tech

Check out our smartphones Keeping tabs on your technology is something you should remain vigilant about. Especially for the more advanced and costly devices, it’s important to protect your investment by keeping it safe from harm. This includes everything from guarding … Continue reading

Learn with iiNet – Facebook 101

With over 800 million members, Facebook is all the rage with almost everyone. More people are discovering it every day but its interface and setup can be a bit of a handful when you first start out. To combat this, … Continue reading

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How to spot a Facebook survey scam

Facebook users are being confronted with an ongoing threat to their security and privacy via the proliferation of Facebook survey scams. Survey scams attempt to trick users into submitting their personal information to unscrupulous online marketers.  Here’s how a typical … Continue reading

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