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Make sense of these tech terms

Modern life is chock-full of acronyms from lol (laugh out loud) and brb (be right back) to IDK (I don’t know) and TBH (to be honest). While you may have a lot of chat-speak under your belt, how’s your tech … Continue reading

nbn speeds for the end user

This article is no longer current For the latest information, please visit: Sign up to NBN today What is the first thing that you do when your shiny new nbn™ service is activated? You run some form of speed … Continue reading

Net neutrality – the debate rages on

In the eyes of net neutrality advocates, all data was created equal. They maintain that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) shouldn’t differentiate between the sources of data and that when you type in a website address it should be delivered at … Continue reading

The iiNet story – lessons learned along the way

Earlier this month I joined 50 award winning entrepreneurs from other countries in Monte Carlo for the Ernest & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year awards, which was won by Dr. James Mwangi, CEO and Managing Director of Kenya’s Equity … Continue reading

Find a better way to share content? We might as well be talking to a brick wall

It’s quite clear that finding a new business model for sharing content is a key issue facing the entertainment industry, particularly in light of iiTrial. Copyright legislation needs to change to serve the changing needs of both the rights holders … Continue reading

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