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6 next-gen products to keep an eye out for

We live in an exciting time for technology and it seems like every other day there’s another great idea that’s being brought into reality by today’s bright minds. If you’re fascinated by the developments in tech, one place where you … Continue reading

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The Most Successful Crowd-Funded Campaigns

At iiNet, we believe everyone has limitless potential. The incredible advancements in technology, particularly the Internet, have opened up opportunities for us to truly reach that potential. What was once impossible is now within reach, if you’re willing to take … Continue reading

Draw your own video game

When I was in primary school I had an obsession with drawing on grid paper. But these were no mere doodles; they were always fantastical floor plans or some deadly obstacle courses. From my dream house filled with secret passages … Continue reading

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Kickstarter and crowd sourcing

We all associate kick-starting with giving something a quick boost in order to get it moving. It either springs to life or it fizzles, with the only option being to give it another go. Those in the “know”, have likely … Continue reading

A Game Changer: the OUYA

No matter how young or old you are, you probably remember a type of media being retired. Maybe it was the trusty VHS videotape, the audio cassette, the vinyl record or most recently the slowly dying audio CD. It’s the … Continue reading