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How to use social media for small business

These days, customers expect all businesses to be on social media. For business owners, this isn’t a case of creating a Facebook page and leaving it at that – it’s about engaging with customers on the right platforms and providing … Continue reading

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Using Social Media to Engage Students

Check out our smartphones Teachers fighting against technology for their students’ attention isn’t a new issue. I remember in my primary school days the devastation that rocked the student body when it was announced that Tamagotchis were banned in school. … Continue reading

Help your dream job find you

Your resume is a fantastic tool when you’re looking for a new job, but it can be a tad one-dimensional. That’s what makes your professional profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook so great – you get the chance to … Continue reading

How to find your dream job

Remember the days of circling job ads in the paper? Seems like a thing of the past these days with companies and job seekers alike moving online and utilising social media to find ‘the perfect fit’. In an ongoing series … Continue reading