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How mobile technology is changing the world

Check out our mobile plans As the self-professed tech-geeks that we are, we love mobile technology at iiNet. Last year we discussed the evolution of mobile phones from the biggest bricks to the sleekest smartphones. We even gave you a … Continue reading

Browsing for the best smartphone browser

Check out our smartphones With mobile computing now a staple part of our IT diet, we’re all looking for better ways to surf the internet on our smartphones. While default browsers that appear with Android and iOS devices are okay, … Continue reading

How to choose the right broadband plan for your household

It can be overwhelming choosing a broadband plan. Speed? Quota? ADSL, Naked DSL, mobile broadband, fibre… there’s so many to choose from. And what does it all mean? How do you know which one is right for you? Luckily, iiNet … Continue reading

The Changing Face of the Internet

by Richard Ramnac Working at iiNet for close to 12 years has meant I’ve had the opportunity to see lots of changes in the development of information technology. While we’ve seen changes in the connectivity technology and changes to the … Continue reading

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