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fetch TV movie box – Memento

by Mark Hamlett Before single-handedly rescuing the Batman films from the neon nightmare created by Joel Schumacher, Chris Nolan was better known as “that British guy who made the backwards movie”. With his first major film, Memento, Nolan made a … Continue reading

Movie Box: Let Me In

by Levi Dobbie Interpretations are dangerous things. Books to movies are a risky move at the best of times, and are always met with constant comparison. Foreign films to US remakes are in a similar boat, loved by some but … Continue reading

Movie Box: Lost in Translation

by Simon Bennett Lost in Translation is a tricky movie to review, because as a fan it’s hard not to start gushing about how wonderful it is. But I do have to check myself: not everyone is going to go … Continue reading

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iiNet’s Fetchtv Service a Clear Leader

by Robert Buckler Fetchtv has come a long way since we launched the IPTV service to the Australian market last July. As the first of its kind down under, it comes as no surprise that other ISPs are now following … Continue reading

Movie Box: The Prestige

by Matthew Long Arriving soon on fetchtv’s Movie Box is Christopher Nolan’s (Inception, The Dark Knight) critically acclaimed film The Prestige starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson. As with all the best recommendations you get in … Continue reading

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