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How to check your NBN status

Are you looking to learn more about the National Broadband Network? Whether you’re still waiting to get on the NBN™ or you’re already connected and you need to check on your service, there’s lots of tools to help you find … Continue reading

Knock, knock – NBN door-to-door scams

Over the past few years, the rapid expansion of the NBN™ rollout has made “NBN™” a household name in the majority of Australian homes. Unfortunately, there are some dodgy dealers hoping to use the nation’s familiarity with the NBN™ to … Continue reading

A new wave of NBN to hit this summer

Sign up to NBN today As we get closer to a brand new year, it’s nice to freshen things up: a fresh new summer wardrobe, fresh new jams on your iPod, and some fresh new NBN plans with your favourite … Continue reading

Sky Muster has lift-off

Sign up to NBN today On the first day of October 2015, one of the most advanced communication satellites the world has ever seen was blasted into orbit, 36,000 kms from Earth. The 6 and a half tonne satellite, named … Continue reading

NBN Rollout Progress in Bendigo

Sign up to NBN today Bendigo is located in central Victoria. While it may not have the population of Melbourne, its location makes it a good spot for the National Broadband Network (NBN) and its high-powered internet speeds. To learn … Continue reading

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