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NBN Rollout Progress in Sydney

Sign up to NBN today As Australia’s most populated region, it’s little surprise that Sydney has perhaps the most comprehensive National Broadband Network (NBN) coverage in the country. The city, from the coast to the CBD and its surrounding suburbs, … Continue reading

From entrepreneurs to carers: The working world with NBN

Sign up to NBN today We’ve mentioned in a previous article that the arrival of the superfast NBN network is going to change the way we live. But how will it influence the working world specifically? A report by nbnTM … Continue reading

Australia looks to the future with Generation NBN

Sign up to NBN today Technology is increasingly becoming intertwined with the Australian lifestyle. It’s changing the way we communicate, work and play and improving our quality of life. We know the National Broadband Network (NBN) is going to be … Continue reading

NBN Co launches a new rollout plan for 1.9 million Australian homes

Sign up to NBN today During early December, NBN Co formally released a new national construction plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN) highlighting the next locations that will include 1.9 million homes and businesses. The NBN rollout is ramping … Continue reading

iiNet welcomes NBN strategic review

Sign up to NBN today iiNet welcomes the strategic review of NBN Co and the commitment to a continuation of the rollout of superfast broadband by this Government. We’ve always been a strong supporter of the National Broadband Network and the … Continue reading

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