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If you remember the ads, my job is done.

by Matt Dunstan Our ‘New Number 2 in DSL broadband’ campaign has been running for about a month now. So far, so good really. I’ve have a pretty good mix of people telling me they love it, along with a … Continue reading

Rotto Swim The “Longest Day Ever”

by Rebecca Moonen As the buzz from my alarm clock slices through the darkness at 4am it suddenly hits me. Despite the multitude of reliable (and shark free) ferry services available, today was the day I (and my iiNet team … Continue reading

Marketing… It’s Not What You Think

by Matt Dunstan Explaining to my mum what I do every day at iiNet as a marketeer seems to be a hard thing to do at times. “That was a great new ad I saw on TV last night.  You … Continue reading

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