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Paving the way for mobile payment systems

It seems like your smartphone can do everything these days, and now it’s even capable of wireless payment. Traditional wallets could end up joining watches, maps and cameras as items made redundant by the ever-expanding functionalities of smartphones. The trend … Continue reading

Three drones you can buy now and control with your smartphone

Check out our smartphones The word drone is no longer just to describe a boring blabbermouth, it’s also the name of the fun new tech taking the world by storm. The rise of drones as tools of work and play … Continue reading

Wackiest Tech Surprises from CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has rolled around again for another year, and the tech world is out in force showing off their latest gadgets, devices and other goodies. As well as the expected yearly iterations on … Continue reading

Biometrics – the future of banking technology?

Australians sure do love their technology. Half of the population are already proud smartphone owners, over three million Australians own a tablet and in the past four years Australians have downloaded over a billion apps! What’s more, Australians have been … Continue reading

A Critique on Amazon’s Kindle

by Joshua-David Collins There is not much I don’t like about reading. So when ebook readers started to emerge I was very excited. It blended my love of books with my love of technology. Looking back over the past year … Continue reading