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How to spot fake news

Fake news: it’s been around since the dawn of language, although most of us around today will remember it as outrageous headlines in the Sunday paper or on tabloid magazine covers that make you do a double-take. While fake news … Continue reading

Keep one eye open for the scammers

It can be a dangerous world out there (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) but today’s increasingly digital lifestyle can bring some unexpected risks. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about who may be emailing, calling, and visiting … Continue reading

Connecting to Fibre to the Node

Sign up to NBN today If you’ve been keeping across the news around Australia’s superfast National Broadband Network (NBN), you’ve probably heard the term “Fibre to the Node” or “FTTN” thrown around a lot. That’s because FTTN is the technology … Continue reading

World news in your pocket

by Josh Nicholson Like or not, chances are the humble newspaper may soon go the way of the dodo. OK, before we go any further let me state something for the record: I love the newspaper. I love it for … Continue reading

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iiNet Labs goes global

Just eight months on from the launch of  iiNet Labs, our products are now available to an international market. As you may have already read in our recent press release, iiNet Labs is now selling its tailored range of hardware products to … Continue reading

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