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The Most Successful Crowd-Funded Campaigns

At iiNet, we believe everyone has limitless potential. The incredible advancements in technology, particularly the Internet, have opened up opportunities for us to truly reach that potential. What was once impossible is now within reach, if you’re willing to take … Continue reading

Dive into Virtual Reality with these Devices

Society’s obsession with the idea of virtual reality (VR) has been made apparent through the success of science fiction films such as The Matrix and shows like Sword Art Online; the concept of being able to perfectly distort reality in a … Continue reading

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality: What does it all mean?

Visit today is the gaming portal for all iiNet Group customers. Visit for all the latest news and reviews on everything gaming, plus details on how to play your favourite games quota-free! As technology slowly catches up … Continue reading

Virtual reality is closer than you might think

Virtual reality headsets have been talked about more and more in recent years with the development of Oculus Rift and the more recent acquisition of Oculus by Facebook. Gaming immediately springs to mind for a lot of people when it … Continue reading

Wrap up of E3 2013

E3, one of the world’s largest entertainment conventions, was held in Los Angeles just a few weeks ago. Now that we’ve had a chance to digest the tumult of trailers, conferences and news from the expo – what new hardware, … Continue reading

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