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Fuel up on the go

Missed the train and don’t want to be late for work but absolutely need that coffee? Waiting in lines is so old school – now there are apps that let you order and pay in advance so you can just … Continue reading

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Celebrities on Social Media

In a previous article we went over the barebones basics of Twitter, who they are, how it works etc… but there is a lot more discussion to be had about what you can actually do with Twitter. In this blog … Continue reading

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Tech Trends Graph

2012’s biggest tech trends – who got it right?

A lot can change in the space of a year, but nowhere more so than the fast paced technology industry. That’s why we are so hooked on the articles, blogs and features that come out around this time every year … Continue reading

Social media – affecting our online and offline relationships

It’s apparent that people are becoming more dependent on their phones, not only for their traditional use, but to access social media sites. According to recent stats from Google, 55% of people use their phones to access social networking sites. … Continue reading

Our new site helps you connect… better

After many months of development, review, redevelopment, tweaking and testing, we’ve finally pushed the launch button on our new iiNet and Westnet websites. Things are a little different this time around. In the past, our website redesigns were pretty much … Continue reading

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