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Online Safety Series – Microsoft Phone Scams

If you’re a regular reader of our Online Safety Series, you’ll know that we always encourage our customers to keep an eye out out for any nasty phishing emails which land in their inbox. But what about those scams which … Continue reading

Don't be a money mule for cyber criminals!

Warning! Don’t be a money mule

I like reading my spam. Sounds strange? Perhaps it is, but from the perspective of an eCrime investigator, there’s often something interesting inside a spam folder One day I was going through the spam folder of my inbox and came … Continue reading

Learn with iiNet – Facebook 101

With over 800 million members, Facebook is all the rage with almost everyone. More people are discovering it every day but its interface and setup can be a bit of a handful when you first start out. To combat this, … Continue reading

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How to spot a Facebook survey scam

Facebook users are being confronted with an ongoing threat to their security and privacy via the proliferation of Facebook survey scams. Survey scams attempt to trick users into submitting their personal information to unscrupulous online marketers.  Here’s how a typical … Continue reading

Online Safety Series – Beware of Malware

I recently spent a lazy Sunday afternoon poring over an online clothing store, purchasing a dress (okay, it might have been two dresses) for upcoming social events. While browsing the web the next day I was displayed banner advertisements for … Continue reading

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