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Online Safety Series – Death and Taxes

As the saying goes, only two things in life are certain – death and taxes. I’m sure Benjamin Franklin would agree that submitting a tax return will never top the list of enjoyable ways to spend your free time. Personally, … Continue reading

Staying safe online – advice for small businesses

When we think of online safety and the threat of illegal hacking we think of high profile cases like Sony’s recent troubles on the PlayStation network where thousands of customers’ credit card details were compromised, or blockbuster films where our … Continue reading

Get in control of your kids online

A friend recently told me of an amusing experience she had with her son in the quest to satisfy his love of trucks. It turned out that that her innocuous Google search for “delivery” not only returned matches for delivery … Continue reading

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Smartphone safety tips for your kids

I remember getting my first mobile phone – a super rad Ericsson flip with screw in antenna. It was red, minty fresh and pretty much the most awesome thing ever. Unwrapping it as my 18th birthday present I was instantly … Continue reading

Don’t be a stupid cupid: dating safely online

Recently I helped a friend sift through about 50 suitors courtesy of her online dating profile – dividing them into helpful categories like ‘marriage material’, ‘possible mullet’ and ‘serial killer’. Would-be Romeos posed in pictures with their cars (pass!), their … Continue reading

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