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Health check for your tech

Check out our smartphones Keeping tabs on your technology is something you should remain vigilant about. Especially for the more advanced and costly devices, it’s important to protect your investment by keeping it safe from harm. This includes everything from guarding … Continue reading

How to safely submit your tax return online

It’s that dreaded time of year again: Tax return time. A tax return can be a mind-numbing, tedious task, trying to fill out all those forms, or an expensive one if you pay an accountant to do it for you. … Continue reading

Data retention laws make criminals of us all

Data retention proposals make cybercrime suspects of us all

The Federal Government is concerned about cybercrime, which we understand and expect. However, in response to this concern, they’re putting forward a proposal that would oblige ISPs to retain all customer phone and Internet records for up to two years, … Continue reading

Phone recovery apps are becoming increasingly important

The most important app on your phone

What would you call the most important app on your phone? Is it your favourite gaming app that you rely on to survive your daily commute, maybe? Or perhaps it’s your favourite social network? Maybe your most treasured app is … Continue reading

Don't be a money mule for cyber criminals!

Warning! Don’t be a money mule

I like reading my spam. Sounds strange? Perhaps it is, but from the perspective of an eCrime investigator, there’s often something interesting inside a spam folder One day I was going through the spam folder of my inbox and came … Continue reading

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