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How safe is your password?

Of all the things that make me jump up on my security soapbox, having my parents tell me their Wi-Fi password is 123456 is right up there. While this lack of devotion to digital security is a concern to me, … Continue reading

Passwords of the future

As passwords keep getting longer with stricter requirements (“your password must contain a minimum of 14 characters, a lower case letter, an upper case letter, a number, a punctuation mark, and a hieroglyph”) I can’t help but think “surely, there’s … Continue reading

On The Road With The BoB Squad

by Nikkita Dixon If you’re not technically minded or if haven’t got the time, getting your connection set up can be a little tricky. We get it! So we’ve put the BoB Squad on the job. The BoB Squad are … Continue reading

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Internet Safety Series – Email Phishing

by Rebecca Moonen As the Internet grows into a pretty convenient way to shop, bank and communicate, protecting your personal information from scammers has become paramount. While these fraudsters are pretty clever, it’s easy to outsmart them once you know … Continue reading

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How Long It Takes To Hack Your Password

by Matthew Jones One of the most common ways that accounts are compromised (aside from the obvious – leaving your password written down on a piece of paper, making it your birthday, “phishing” emails/websites that masquerade as an authentic communication, … Continue reading

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