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Limitless Data on the nbn™ is Here

Sign up to NBN today Throughout history, mankind has continued to prove there is no limit to our potential. Things we once thought impossible have become a reality: we’ve mastered flight, landed on the moon, and even found a way … Continue reading

Gaming on the NBN: Why you should upgrade when it arrives

Visit today is the gaming portal for all iiNet Group customers. Visit for all the latest news and reviews on everything gaming, plus details on how to play your favourite games quota-free! The world of gaming is … Continue reading

Netflix shows why the NBN is important to Australia

Learn about Netflix Streaming TV is taking over Australia (in a good way). No longer do people need to rely on pricey or potentially unlawful means to get their hands on exciting content. You can now watch popular movies and … Continue reading

Laughter is the best medicine: Top comedies on Netflix

Learn about Netflix Who doesn’t love to laugh? From a teeny titter to a hearty roar, laughter just feels good and it lifts the spirit of the people around you. A bright, sunny laugh is more infectious than any illness, … Continue reading

Top Netflix picks from iiNet staff

Learn about Netflix Here at iiNet we have been loving every addictive quota-free minute of Netflix. Nothing’s better when you’re wiped out after a hard slog at the office than coming home and curling up on the couch with a … Continue reading

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