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Extra long battery

More battery for your smartphone buck

I admit it. Some days I miss my old brick of a Nokia phone from the early noughties. True, it only had enough storage for about two and a half text messages before the flashing little envelope icon arrived in … Continue reading

What’s the deal with QR codes?

When strolling through shopping centres or queuing for a cappuccino, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of little square signs featuring black and white patterns – rest assured, it’s not a resurgence of those 90s ‘Magic Eye’ pictures.

Edit your photos like a pro

Not all casual photographers want to fork out for the big-name photo editing software, and these days you don’t have to. For those of you simply looking to crop out your ex, or show off your pet with some flattering … Continue reading

Tidy up your apps for the New Year

by Nikkita Dixon With 2011 well and truly behind us it’s time for a smartphone spring clean to clear out all of those unused apps. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the year downloading anything and everything and now … Continue reading

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Samsung and Google unveil Ice Cream Sandwich

by Morgan Archer Google recently unveiled their new version of the booming Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS, alongside the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus earlier this month in Hong Kong. Google has stated that this release of the … Continue reading

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