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How mobile technology is changing the world

Check out our mobile plans As the self-professed tech-geeks that we are, we love mobile technology at iiNet. Last year we discussed the evolution of mobile phones from the biggest bricks to the sleekest smartphones. We even gave you a … Continue reading

The death of SMS and rise of IM

Check out our smartphones There’s no question that text messaging has transformed the way people communicate. Since British engineer Neil Papworth sent his famous “Merry Christmas” short message service (SMS) communication on December 3 1992, trillions of texts have flown … Continue reading


Messaging alternatives

We’re in the future. We have portable communicators (Star Trek, eat your heart out), we have a global network connecting everyone that we can access wirelessly (Neuromancer, pfft). But even with all the recent advancements in smartphone tech, our mobile … Continue reading

Keeping your private correspondence private!

Maybe you’re planning a surprise party. Perhaps you’re involved in a plot to take back the internet for puppies because those damn lolcatz are just getting too much airtime. Or maybe you’re having a steamy affair that will lead to … Continue reading