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LoveIt could mean the end of a love affair with Pinterest

LoveIt – the end of a love affair with Pinterest?

Pinterest, the ‘virtual pinboard’ social network that helps you organise and share images shook up the social network market earlier this year and now over half a million Australians are pinning, re-pinning and building boards for their favourite online visual … Continue reading

Microsoft jumps on the social media bandwagon with

Companies with big bucks paying for great SEO will soon be pushed down the list in Bing searches in favour of sites that friends and followers have rated. Jumping on the social media bandwagon, Microsoft has recently launched its own … Continue reading

getting a handle on twitter

by Geoff Searle When it comes to social media I find most people get a grip on Facebook pretty quickly, but struggle when it comes to using Twitter. Our Social Media Manager, Matt Jones, previously wrote an article about his … Continue reading

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Google+ a few months in

by Jason Cartwright Google+ has been out for a few months now, so let’s take a breath and reflect on its impact on the social media market. Technically, Google+ is still in private beta. But at this point anyone who … Continue reading

Pottermore experience worth the wait

by Nikkita Dixon Sometimes being one of the biggest Harry Potter geeks in your circle of friends pays off in the end. Just this week I received a special ‘welcome email’ allowing me access to the Pottermore Beta website to assist … Continue reading