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Generation Like

After recently speaking at a few schools about how to stay safe on social media, I began to realise just how big a part social networking plays in our everyday lives, especially with the younger generation. Australia’s population recently ticked … Continue reading

Whatever happened to Myspace?

If you were a hip, young internet user in the early 2000’s you probably had a Myspace. It was quite a common interaction online and even in real life to ask someone if they were on Myspace and if they … Continue reading

iiNet’s Google+ ready for the New Year

by Nikkita Dixon Much like the rest of the world, iiNet’s social media team was excited when Google launched its own social network. These were the guys that brought us the most popular search engine in the world, the Android … Continue reading

Getting started with Photography apps

by Nikkita Dixon Forget the expensive SLRs, these days you can take inspiring photographs on your iPhone and edit them on the spot – no computer required. I went on holiday recently with my big expensive camera in tow, and, … Continue reading