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Interacting with the Perth Arena Social Post

If you’ve been to a concert or event at Perth Arena recently, you might have noticed the four and a half metre tall iiNet Social Post on Level 1. It’s a pretty impressive piece of tech on its own, but … Continue reading

Reaching out to Santos Tour Down Under

The biggest cycling event in the Southern Hemisphere, Santos Tour Down Under, has wrapped up for 2016, and we’ve certainly enjoyed all the cycling action. The nine day event is more than just a cycling race, it’s been an action-packed … Continue reading

The iiNet Social Post: Taking technology to new heights

Don’t you love that feeling of getting your hands on a new, advanced piece of technology? Unboxing and holding a brand new smartphone or tablet for the first time, admiring all of the slick new features, poking and prodding excitedly … Continue reading

Making a difference: 4,000 homeless people provided with a life saving Backpack Bed

Most homeless people are thankful if they find a bit of cardboard and a blanket. Now there is an alternative. While sitting in church one day, I just thought to myself “How would I like to be treated if I … Continue reading

A Festival of Cycling: The Santos Tour Down Under

iiNet is a Premier Partner of the 2015 Santos Tour Down Under cycling event, and will be delivering a range of technical services, including broadband connectivity for global media at the daily finish lines. This article was written by guest … Continue reading

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