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Voting now open for TopGeek 2.0

The TopGeek 2.0 competition is heating up with just over a week until the entry deadline and we’ve just made things a whole lot more interesting. Voting is now open and there are five, that’s right FIVE, spots for each … Continue reading

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TopGeeks of the week!

As TopGeek 2.0 snowballs toward the entry deadline (March 28), the most interesting of Australian geeks are coming out of the woodwork and putting their geeky talents on show. Here are some of our favourites in the competition so far.

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TopGeek 2.0 judges unveiled

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ll have heard our TopGeek 2.0 competition is back and better than ever. This year we’re calling on geeks from all walks of life to show off their passions in … Continue reading

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A big year for iiNet

Now we’ve had a chance to review our summer purchases of Internode and TransACT, I thought it might be worth having a quick look back at an extremely eventful few months at iiNet. As the number two DSL broadband provider … Continue reading

The top events for our TopGeeks

Some geeks are solitary beings, but many of us enjoy discussing or debating their interests with other like minded geeks. Other than on the Internet, conventions (cons for short) are the place for geeking out. Whilst the Australian conventions aren’t as large as those in America or Europe, we still put on a pretty good show, with a number of different types of fandoms / geekdoms covered across the country. Continue reading

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