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Expand your horizon by learning languages online

Sprechen sie Deutsch? How about Français? Or maybe a little bit of Español? If you grew up in Australia, chances are you probably picked up a little bit of French, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian or German in your LOTE (Languages Other … Continue reading

Travel the world as a virtual tourist

The world is a vast and interesting place, endless in possibilities, things to see and do and chances are you are only going to experience a small fraction of this. Sorry to start this blog off on a sad note, … Continue reading

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A backpacker’s guide to staying in touch with friends and family

Whenever someone says that they’re going backpacking overseas, it usually indicates that they plan on travelling on the cheap. Hostels, cheap flights and finding that nearest fast food chains for that all important free Wi-Fi sign are all signs of … Continue reading

Five tips to travel better with technology

When I travel, I make good use of technology to make things easier for myself. I tend to spend less money, find places more easily, eat better food, and have an overall good travel experience. Here are the top five … Continue reading

Top tips when using your mobile phone overseas

It’s great to travel overseas. There’s nothing like a change of scenery, new experiences and exotic locales to awaken the senses. And nothing beats rubbing it in to friends back home by posting a few pics on social media and … Continue reading

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