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Online Business Presence

Which is the best online presence for small business?

These days, there are very few businesses that get by on word of mouth and business cards alone. An online presence is crucial to allow customers to discover, learn about and interact with your small business. However, traditional websites aren’t … Continue reading

Publish your work online, offline and on the air

Sharing your message gets easier every day. Get going in the self publishing racket with these three free and easy online services. collects interesting links and articles from your favourite social media content sources, all for your very … Continue reading

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Pottermore experience worth the wait

by Nikkita Dixon Sometimes being one of the biggest Harry Potter geeks in your circle of friends pays off in the end. Just this week I received a special ‘welcome email’ allowing me access to the Pottermore Beta website to assist … Continue reading

Websites Only As Good As The Support Team Behind It

by Matthew Long A great website is a lot like a champion Formula One driver, in that they’re only as good as the support team behind them. You could spend thousands of dollars designing the most impressive website that’s ever … Continue reading

Creating A Website

Creating a website might seem like a challenge, but it’s actually quite straightforward and can be a lot of fun. At its simplest, the website-making process has three steps – making space on the web, creating your homepage within your … Continue reading