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Intriguing websites to pass the time on

There’s a lot of content out there on the ‘net and there’s no denying it can hinder our productivity. It’s true some sites give us tips and tricks for DIY hacks and doing things quickly and efficiently but ironically, in … Continue reading

Handy websites to save your Valentine’s Day

I don’t like Valentine’s Day, personally, and I know many of you feel the same. But sometimes people who enjoy this ‘day of romance’ happen to be people we care about. And of course, more than disliking V-day, we dislike disappointing … Continue reading

Lose the Christmas weight online

by Rebecca Moonen Of all the things about the holidays to love, food is definitely high up on the list (along with presents, although presents don’t go nearly as well with cranberry sauce.) Alas, the festive season brings with it … Continue reading