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The man behind our social media

by Nikkita Dixon The importance of Social Media has grown at a rapid rate over the past five years when iiNet’s Social Media manager, Matthew Jones, set up the first of iiNet’s social networking accounts. Myspace fell to the popularity of … Continue reading

What’s The Deal With Twitter?

by Matt Jones I think the most enjoyable part of the Social Media training I deliver at iiNet is the section on Twitter. Why? It’s not necessarily a “better” medium than Facebook, Whirlpool or the blogging community, it’s more the … Continue reading

April Fool’s Prank Promises a Petabyte!

by Nikkita Dixon It’s been an exciting and disappointing day for those who fell for our April Fool’s Day prank – The Petabyte. While most clued on pretty quickly to the infamous date, several social networkers were caught out with … Continue reading