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It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in time the word selfie found its way into our daily vocabulary.

Although modern day use of the term seems to have appeared in the early 2000’s, the concept of a photographic self-portrait has been around as long as cameras!

What is clear is the term has spread, even finding its way into the dictionary, thanks to the rise of the camera phone and the popularity of social networking sites.

I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to the subtle art of the selfie, uploading several of my own to Facebook every other week.

So what makes the perfect selfie? Here’s a few selfie tips and tricks to get that perfect pic.

Selfie stick

selfie stick

It was the gift under every tree last Christmas, and with good cause. Though playfully dubbed the “narcisstick”, whether you love it or hate it, there’s no doubt these sticks can take your selfie to a new level.

No longer must you crop out that unsightly, overexposed arm from every selfie. The extra distance between you and the camera not only makes for a more flattering picture, it also allows you to get even more friends in on the fun. Now no one has to miss out to be the photographer: just whack your mobile or camera on the stick and snap happy!

If you missed out on selfie stick last Christmas, it’s not too late. You can grab an Extreme Reach XL Action pole for all your selfie needs at the iiOnline store.

Be aware of your surroundings


We’ve all seen a few fails in our time where someone has been so keen to upload their selfie, they didn’t even notice the dog doing its “business” behind them or underpants strewn across an unmade bed. No matter how stunning you look, a bad or shameful background can ruin an otherwise gorgeous selfie. Be perceptive and avoid falling victim to bunny ears, accidental photobombers and other unexpected humiliations.

Check the Specs

Different cameras will have different specs which affect the quality of the image it can produce.

After surviving the dark ages of camera phones with less than one megapixel producing blurry, blocky photos, we all decided the more megapixels; the better! However, there appears to be some consensus that megapixels only matter up to a point on phone cameras and that the sweet spot is around 5.

More important is the flash, as lighting can drastically affect an image. When looking for a phone, avoid ones with a stock standard LED flash, as it is a bit too weak. It’s better to go with one that has true tone flash like the iPhone 6 or xenon flash.

Typically a camera is going to give you a better image than a phone. If you prefer to take selfies with a digital camera, you’ll be happy to hear that some cameras like the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 have WiFi capabilities, so you can upload that selfie straight from your camera to social media.

Front or back camera?

SM-G900F_charcoal BLACK_02

It’s the trade-off that has people divided. Is it better to take a picture with the front camera that you can see and assess the picture from, or the back camera that (usually) has more megapixels, flash and takes a better quality photo?

Deciding may be a thing of the past with several new smart phones featuring front flash and one even adopting a swiveling camera. Although the swivel camera has so far been an underused trend, I’m hoping it’ll catch on with more smartphones in the future.

More photos = more chance of success

multi photos

They say practice makes perfect, and selfies are no exception. The more photos you take, the better you will understand which angles work best for your face. Of course it can be time consuming taking and checking each photo individually, which is why more smart phones are adopting features that allow you to take multiple pics in a row.



If celebrities can shamelessly Photoshop their pictures then we can too! Take advantage of one of the many photo editing apps out there. Filters are no longer just for Instagram, so go nuts. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a “Beauty” feature which will automatically beautify your selfie by removing all lines and spots. Have a play with all of the different editing options at your disposal for those final touches on your perfect selfie.

What are your selfie tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

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