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The yearly Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, kicked off on January 6 for 4 glorious days of innovation and advanced technology. Though I was not fortunate enough to fly out to Nevada to see all this techy action in the flesh, I have been keeping up with the news thanks to my trusty friend, the Internet.

With thousands of products on display, it’s impossible to talk about every gadget you could possibly want from the show. That’s why I’ve put together a more bite-sized piece of the convention and some of the cool tech trends to look forward to this year.

Razer Blade Stealth

I find it’s a really tough decision whether to invest in a laptop over a PC or vice versa. Do I enjoy the transportability of a laptop at the sacrifice of good graphics and a high resolution display for gaming? Or do I pour my money into setting up an amazing gaming PC I can only use when I’m at the home base?  The Razer Blade Stealth makes this choice easier as a slick, advanced laptop with the option of a 4K display!

The Razer Blade Stealth looks to be an incredible all-rounder for both work and play. This lightweight laptop is especially good for gamers as it can get even greater graphics power with the option of purchasing a Razer Core: an additional dock accessory which allows you to connect a desktop graphics card.

This laptop’s excellence has been recognised by the CES expert judges and general consumers alike, taking home the titles of Best PC and People’s Choice. I can certainly see why; getting my hands on one of these babies has just become one of my new goals for 2016.


HTC Vive

We knew Virtual Reality would become more prolific in the coming years and the results do not disappoint. Enter the HTC Vive: a completely immersive experience, which also allows you to interact with your surrounding physical environment, making for an incredible and seamless blend between virtual reality and physical reality.

This great gamer tech allows the wearer to experience a full body virtual reality, while also keeping them safe from walking into walls or physical objects. It achieves this via Chaperone: a VR safety mechanism that allows the user to switch to a view of the physical world, and shows an overlay of the physical world whenever the user gets too close to a wall or object. Now that VR can let you see the real world at the click of a button, they have eliminated all reason for me to ever take it off. Binge gaming, here I come!

htc vive

184 Personal Flying Vehicle (PFV)

I couldn’t talk about the new tech exhibited at CES and not mention a human-carrying drone! The 184 is a single passenger quadcopter; basically a giant drone designed for personal transport.  Not the most practical or affordable tech, but it could have enormous implications in shaping the future of technology.

Think about it, if PFVs really start to take off, we could actually be looking at a future of flying cars – finally! But thankfully, it won’t look like we have to start signing up for drone flying lessons: the 184 is autonomous and will automatically fly you to your destination. All you have to do is punch in the address! Cool!

human drone


The next product is technically not for you; it’s for your pet. Dog owners are going to love Cleverpet, which is a game console for your beloved best friend. This clever contraption will provide hours of entertainment by challenging your pets to various games, like pressing lights in the right order, to win themselves a treat. Alternatively, you can use Cleverpet in replacement of the food bowl, to give your dog a “job” during the day while you’re at work: while you’re out earning your keep, he can be earning his.

As a mum of a fur baby myself, I am completely sold on this concept. My little silky terrier demands all of my attention all of the time (he even wants to join in on trips to the bathroom). As a terrier he also has boundless energy so even if I let him bolt freely around the park for hours, he still doesn’t tire out. As much as I love his endless supply of cuddles and amusing energetic antics, it is a nice relief when he finds something else to entertain himself for 5 minutes.

Anything that can keep my pup engaged and happy is a win for me. Even the expert CES judges agree that this is one amazing product, awarding it the CES Launchit ShowStoppers award.


Segway Personal Robot

No future tech article would be complete without at least one robot and robots don’t come much cuter than this. Everyone knows what a Segway is: it’s the personal transport device that got people around before hoverboards were cool. Now Segway has combined their nifty mobility product with robotic technology to make this adorable hoverboard-cross-robot-butler device which is sure to delight.

When you’re not riding it around you can set it to work; attaching its robot arms and getting it to answer the doorbell or carry heavy loads. Though we’re not quite there yet, the Segway Personal Robot is a great step towards the robot future: a movement that cannot come quickly enough for me.


If you can’t get enough of this futuristic tech, I suggest you check out all the news and stories on the CES website. There were far too many incredible innovations to cover them all, and there are plenty more tech advances worth getting excited for in the coming years. What a time to be alive.

Did we miss your favourite futuristic tech for 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. scatty says:

    I want one of those drones and the little robot Great article. Definitely an exciting time to be alive

  2. dave says:

    Awesome article, <3 the pug.

  3. Kara says:

    We second what the pug said, Dave. 😉 Thanks!

  4. Jackson says:

    You did not feature Armourcard, the aussie invention that is uses micro jamming technology to protect your Tap & Go cards and ePassports and other RFID or NFC devices from being skimmed.

    check them out got a lot of media coverage

  5. No mention of 3D Printers? I guess that because it’s already here. Take a look at

  6. Craig says:

    wow wow wow the future of flying cars is right there please i want one now now now

  7. Rebekah says:

    I also loved Super Nintendo as a kid (after Sega Master System!)
    Thanks for a great article. It is amazing where technology can take us – there are some smart cookies out there! Thanks!

  8. Rebekah says:

    I also loved Super Nintendo as a kid (after Sega Master System!)
    Thanks for a great article. It is amazing where technology can take us – there are some smart cookies out there! Thanks!

  9. Phil says:

    The Razer Blade Stealth looks as though it could be a keen buy.

  10. Susan says:

    I heard a journo on ABC radio talking about his visit to CES. I liked the shower head that changes colour the more water you use…