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It’s December, so you know what that means – it’s time to start thinking about Christmas prezzies for your friends and family! While the supermarkets may have had their Christmas gear out for the past three months, as a rule of thumb it’s generally much more fun to get your shopping done in the month leading up to the big celebration. If you’re shopping online, just remember to order promptly to allow for shipping time!

We’ve scoured the web to find the latest and greatest tech gifts for your loved ones. With technology playing such a huge part in our lives these days, there’s something for everyone out there. Read on and you may just find yourself getting inspired.

secret agent alarm clock

Secret Agent Alarm Clock

Yes, you could just set an alarm on your phone, but it’s just not as much fun! This gun-shaped alarm clock will wake you up by vibrating, so you can sleep with it under your pillow. Need to find out the time? Just point it at a wall and pull the trigger and it will project a digital clock. It’s a great way to start the morning with a buzz and as an added bonus, it also doubles as a cat toy.

Pick one up here for $39.99.


The Original Heng Balance Lamp

Do you know someone who prides themselves on interior décor? This stunning, minimalist LED lamp may be the perfect addition to their office or bedside table. Don’t be fooled by the photograph – the structure in the centre of the halo isn’t rigid, it’s actually two magnetic balls on wires! To turn the lamp on, you need to bring the bottom ball up to get a magnetic attraction to its partner. Even though they don’t actually touch, this completes the circuit and turns on the light. Just see for yourself!

Get one in white, red, black or beech wood here starting from $80.70.


Table Selfie 360° Rotating Phone Stand

Whether you know someone running a small business or you have family and friends overseas, this rotating smartphone stand is an elegant solution for all of your video conference calls! With the ability to turn a full 360-degrees smoothly, you can make sure that everyone gets some screen time without any awkwardness. You can even use it to take professional-looking panorama shots!

Grab yours here for $39.99.


NanoLeaf Light Panels

If budget isn’t an issue and you have a special someone who takes pride in their PC setup, DJ den or any other kind of creative space, then NanoLeaf Light Panels can help them take it to the next level. These triangular light panels can be arranged and mounted in a number of configurations, and then that’s where the fun starts! You can customise the lights’ colours and animations to your heart’s content with the help of a companion app on your smartphone. You can even program the lights to respond to sound with the Rhythm Upgrade Module to achieve the ultimate ambience. A standard Rhythm Edition kit will start you out with 9 panels but a single controller can support up to 30 panels if you can’t get enough and decide to purchase expansion packs.

Check it out here for $319.99.


PhoneSoap Smartphone UV Sanitiser

It’s safe to say that water and expensive smartphones don’t mix, which can be disconcerting when you learn that the average smartphone carries over 25,000 bacteria per square inch – which is dirtier than a toilet seat! Yuck! Instead of going overboard with a bunch of smartphone cleaning wipes that may be thrown away, germophobes can simply pop their phone in this UV sanitiser overnight. The UV lighting neutralizes and kills 99.99% of bacteria – while still leaving space for your charging cable.

See the full range of available colours here for $79.95.


Furbo Dog Camera

We Aussies love our pets, so it can be hard to stay away from them for an entire workday. That’s where the Furbo comes in. This 160-degree HD camera is capable of taking photos or video, even in Night Vision mode, but that’s not all. With the help of a companion app, Furbo also supports two-way audio communication, auto barking detection and push notifications and best of all, you can even dispense treats at a hit of a button. Just in case your doggo has forgotten who’s a good boy or girl.

You can get your paws on one here for $359.00.


Game of Phones

No, not the one with the dragons – this is Game of Phones, the ultimate test of skill for smartphone ownership! If you and your friends have a laugh playing other popular party games such as Cards Against Humanity or Never Have I Ever, then this one will be right up your alley. All you have to do is use your smartphone to complete challenges like “Show the last photo you took” or “Find the weirdest Google Image search result for your name”, then have a judge choose the winner for that round. With over 100 challenges, there’s plenty of replay value!

Game on here for $29.95.


JBL Kids Wireless Headphones

Kids can go a bit crazy with the volume, to say the least! To make sure they’re not inadvertently damaging their little ears, pick them up a brightly-coloured pair of kid-safe headphones from JBL. With a hearty 12-hour battery life and a maximum volume of 85 decibels, these headphones will keep kids listening to music and devices at a safe volume. Best of all, there’s no cords, so there’s no tripping hazard! The headphones will work at a range of up to 15 metres.

Available in pink or blue here for $59.00


Away x Tile Luggage Tag

Know any travel bugs? The ordeal of lost luggage after a long haul flight can easily be considered one of the worst things to happen at an airport – even worse than paying $9 for a terrible coffee. Thankfully, the team at Away Travel have collaborated with the makers of Tile to bring you the ultimate luggage-tracking travel tag in stylish 100% leather. You’ll always know the whereabouts of your luggage with this handy accessory!

Get one before they fly out of stock here for $45.00.

Have you got a great techie gift idea that you’re willing to share? Tell us about it in the comments.

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