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There aren’t enough hours in the day as it is, so when we find ourselves feeling unwell, personal healthcare can find itself on the backburner.

What if we told you that health services, tips, and tools are just a click away? Online health care – that may seem as futuristic as flying cars but let me tell you as the NBN™ rolls out it’s becoming a reality and it’s what we call Telehealth.

Real-time patient-to-doctor communication, internet-connected home sensors, health monitoring, and health apps are now all viable options thanks to the high performance broadband on the NBN™. Now, while face-to-face consultations will always remain important, online healthcare means you can manage your family’s health anytime, anywhere. As well as being convenient for all Aussies, these services will also help relieve pressure on the health care system and free up resources in hospitals nationwide.

How Telehealth can help you

New and expecting parents – with online services such as Pregnancy, Birth and Baby, all mothers-to-be will be able to complete check-ups more efficiently, gain information throughout the course of the pregnancy, and seek counsellor or confidential advice through video calls.

Elderly Australians – with around 20% of all Australians suffering from a chronic disease, Telehealth services will allow the aging population to stay on top of their health and be monitored by carers remotely with the assistance of devices that can measure blood sugar levels, blood sugar, body weight, and temperature.

Regional and remote Aussies – gone are the days where you need to travel long distances for health care. Telehealth will allow you to get help at all hours of the day and night, have that specialist consultation via video call so you don’t have to fly to the appointment, and speak with a GP via video conference through services such as GP2U – now that’s convenient!

 Let’s get to the facts!

 On average, each day in Australia: 

  • 342,000 people visit a GP
  • 23,000 people are admitted to hospital
  • 71,000km are flown by the Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • 820 babies are born
  • 17,000 people visit an emergency department at larger public hospitals

Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a massive 70% of people say they have delayed arranging a visit to the GP. In fact, 28% of people say they don’t want to waste time in the dreaded waiting room.

Research shows that 62% of people would feel more confident in making informed health decisions with these services. 57% of people would feel safer knowing they can monitor their health from home, and almost one in two feel they would be more efficient and productive with their time.

With services like Telehealth on NBN™ broadband, there’ll be no reason to waste the day away in the waiting room, take time off work for a doctor’s appointment or travel across the country for that specialist appointment. You’ll be able to seek information online before going to the GP, get help in the middle of the night, or have that specialist appointment via video call.

With 22% of Aussies already hopping online before they see a doctor, as a nation we seem to be open to the big wide web and the future of health on the NBN™.

Keen to take your health online? If you’re not sure if you can get NBN broadband yet – just fill in your address here and find out at the click of a button. Alternatively, remove the hassle and join our wait list for updates on the NBN™ and we will notify you directly as the roll out reaches your address!

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  1. Chris2u says:

    You should read a book by Robin Cook called “Cell”…..Scary stuff!!

  2. albert3801 says:

    With or MTM NBN, some people will die waiting for Telehealth.