The iiNet Social Post: Taking technology to new heights

Don’t you love that feeling of getting your hands on a new, advanced piece of technology?

Unboxing and holding a brand new smartphone or tablet for the first time, admiring all of the slick new features, poking and prodding excitedly to see all the cool new things it can do?

Magnify that feeling by 100 and you will begin to understand the thrill we felt when we unveiled our latest toy: the iiNet Social Post at Perth Arena.

Standing at a proud 4.6 meters tall on Level 1 at Perth Arena, the post is an incredible digital innovation and the first of its kind in Australia. It provides an engaging, interactive experience for fans, who can use their smart device to upload photos on Twitter and Instagram. Their photo will then appear before their eyes as part of a tailored social media feed with artist and fan posts displayed on the tower’s eight 55” LCD screens. In addition to the constant running social media feed, the tower also displays 3D animations and an interactive fan poll.

BLUR, IINET Activation, 30th July 2015, PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Travis Hayto

To turn this idea into reality iiNet has collaborated with a host of local suppliers including Gettin Hectic, Marketforce, Staccato and Kingman Visual.

Our hope is that the iiNet Social Post will enhance the experience of visitors by allowing them to share their special moments while attending some of the amazing events that are scheduled for Perth Arena this year.  As leaders in customer service and innovation, it’s the perfect demonstration of bringing together what we do best to benefit local entertainment fans.

Enter our competitions for your chance to win!

BLUR, IINET Activation, 30th July 2015, PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Travis Hayto

The iiNet Social Post also gives you the chance to win great prizes thanks to iiNet.

The iiNet Super Fan of the Month is awarded to the person who uploads the best event photo to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #iiNetSuperFan. The winner will receive a $300 Ticketek voucher. Our first winner was @caracarma who posted this great snap on Instagram. Terms and conditions on how to enter the iiNet Super Fan competition are available here.

winning pic

Not a selfie fan? Two 42” touch screens offer Perth Arena patrons the opportunity to have their say via event fan polls, where they can vote on their favourite song or best Wildcats player for another chance to win a $300 Ticketek voucher. More details on the iiNet Fan Poll competition and how to enter are available on the iiNet website.

BLUR, IINET Activation, 30th July 2015, PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Travis Hayto

So if there’s an upcoming event you’re attending at Perth Arena, be sure to check out the iiNet Social Post and post your pics to be part of this digital revolution. We can’t wait to see all the great images and hear your feedback.


iiNet has been a proud founding partner of Perth Arena since the venue opened in November 2012, providing free WiFi access for over 2.1 million people who have visited the venue for over 240 major events.


  1. Clinton says:

    I’ll come check it out next time I’m in perth…. Totally didn’t think to checkout iiNet HQ last time I was over NYE 14-15
    I and Thanks IiNet for keeping out information private sadly you have to keep our meta data but feel free to dump it at random accidentally.
    Stay strong don’t sell out TPG keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be the Australian Star net Provider

  2. a.o.evans says:

    that’s okay for you smarty pants but have a little consideration for us the oldies, have you got anything for us dumb dumbs who are struggling with this technology some thing like new technology for dummies . I remain as puzzled . A.O.E.

  3. iDuncan says:

    Can you just connect to it with your smartphone (via an App I presume) and take the “fan poll” (for example) on your smartphone, or do you have to stand and wait?