The iiNet Team’s favourite Rom-Coms


‘Tis the season of love, and what better way to get into that warm and fuzzy mood than with cuddles on the couch, a cheeky glass of red and a romantic comedy?

Having a movie night in is the perfect way to have an inexpensive, chilled-out date night with the person you love.

Even for those flying solo, choccies and a chick-flick can be the perfect recipe for some meaningful me-time.

For all you hopeless romantics out there, the team at iiNet have gotten in touch with their feelings to share their favourite romantic comedies for the famous day of love.

So grab the popcorn and settle in for some of our top picks for best rom-com.

10 Things I hate about you
Australian Classification [PG]

When we think of great examples of romantic tales told throughout time, many will immediately think of Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet. They don’t often think of another of his famous works: The taming of the shrew.

Yet it is this tale that has been adapted into teen modern rom-com 10 Things I Hate About You. Well, loosely adapted. The young fresh-faced cast star in a 90s high school take of the 400 year old tale.

Beautiful and popular, Bianca Stratford has her male classmates pining for her attention. However, in the Stratford household there is one strict rule preventing her from striking up a romance: Bianca can’t date until her sour older sister Kat does.

Bianca recruits the help of her suitors to find someone for Kat. But with Kat’s ice-queen demeanour and ill temper, what man could possibly tame the shrew?

The movie shines with clever quips and sparkling witty dialogue, and is a step above your average high school movie. There are laugh-out-loud funny moments, but also those sweet tender moments you’ll want on your romantic movie date; there are still girls out there waiting for a guy to surprise them with an impromptu serenading of “Can’t take my eyes off you”.

When asked why it’s his choice for best rom-com, Senior Customer Service Manager Paul replies:

Why? ‘It’s not every day you find a girl who’ll flash someone to get you out of detention’” – Paul.

About Time
Australian Classification [M]

I’ve already discussed my love for “Love, actually” in my Christmas movies article, so when About Time – a rom-com from the same creator – was suggested for the list, I was all too excited to include it.

About Time is the quirky romance mixing themes of love and, unconventionally, time travel!

Domhnall Gleeson steps out as shy and oh-so-sweet, Tim, whose ambitions to find love burn as bright as his copper locks. So when he finds out he has inherited a very special talent to travel through time, of course “it was always going to be all about love”.

Tim finds himself bowled over by the irresistibly adorable Mary (Rachel McAdams), and dedicates his new ability to trying to win her heart. However, he soon discovers time travel is no perfect art. Can he still etch out his ideal happy ending?

This movie is so full of feels, just re-watching the trailer gives me tingles! Coming out of the theatre I was overcome with the urge to call all my loved ones and sob into the phone about how much they mean to me.

It’s these sentimental family values depicted in the film which makes it the perfect choice for a V-day rom-com. Plus, with Bill Nighy playing the role of doting dad, what more could you ask for?

It has the tick of approval from our Business Analyst, Kirsty:

This is such a great feel good romantic movie – It’s totally cute and sweet and also has some drama as well and will have you shedding a tear but will leave you warm and fuzzy.” – Kirsty.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Australian Classification [PG]

We’re going to stretch the boundaries of what classifies as a rom-com to include this Roald Dahl children’s tale brought to the big screen. But what is it that makes Fantastic Mr. Fox so fantastic?

Our titular Mr. Fox actually lives a rather mundane existence. Retired from a life of poaching hens and other game for the sake of his family, he finds himself drawn back into the exciting lifestyle of thievery, risking much of the status quo many of the other fauna had grown accustomed to for the sake of himself and everyone he cares for.

Although his tale is more one of adventure than romance, Mr. Fox fights for the love of his wife and family. Combine that with whimsical stop-motion animation and A-class cast starring George Clooney and Meryl Streep, and this film is sure to be a hit for a night of cuddles on the couch.

Senior Customer Service Representative, Tal, admits he’s not a traditionalist when it comes to romance, but warns not to underestimate his choice:

Don’t be fooled by the comedy genre attached, under the blanket of quick-fire wit and visual humour Anderson harmoniously ties to the narrative, is a romance of love for one’s self, life and family. Just don’t try to think about the rules to Whackbat too much.” – Tal.

Beauty and the Beast
Australian Classification [G]

We complete our list with a tale as old as time. Disney movies are always great for getting your snuggle on, and Beauty and the Beast is a particularly sweet and romantic one.

So the plot is nothing new to you: a selfish, shallow prince is turned into a hideous beast and his entire castle cursed as he is challenged to learn the value of inner beauty by finding someone who can love him despite his new monstrous appearance.

Enter Belle: a stunning beauty whose dreamy eyes, love of reading and sense of adventure keep her from fitting into the predictable, provincial life of her small town. Her dreams of finding something more are realised when she comes across the Prince’s enchanted castle, complete with grand ballroom, singing silverware and that library!

You can’t go wrong with this Disney classic full of vibrant colours and catchy tunes that looks especially beautiful on the 3-D remastered DVD version. Plus a feel good message that reminds us all that love is more than skin deep.

For Digital Senior Campaign Manager Charisse, it is a firm favourite:

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. The classic fairytale love story of girl meets beast, still relevant in today’s online dating world. For lovers of Disney’s music at its best – no one’s gloomy or complaining while the flatware’s entertaining!” – Charisse.

Did we miss your favourite? What film gives you the warm fuzzies? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Inez says:

    Must see ” Truly , Madly, Deeply” , a film with Alan Rickman as the dead partner of Juliet Stevens. The depth of her loss makes you want it to work out. Who knew you could wish for a live and a ghost to get ‘happily ever after’?