The Liimitless Competition Winners!

You may have heard us calling out for all Australians to show us their stuff in our Liimitless Talent Competition. Well, we called and you answered!

We’ve had hundreds of Australians film themselves doing AMAZINGLY talented things that make them feel limitless and we were thrilled with the amount of effort put into so many entries.

Now our competition has closed, why don’t you take a look at all of the cool stuff Australians can do? We’ve put all of the amazing entries in one place so click here and sit back with a bowl of popcorn, peruse all of the entries and be wowed by the talent that surrounds us!

Take a look at our highlights video below for a snippet of some of our favourite limitless talents!


Now, the announcement you’ve all been waiting for – our competition WINNERS!



So you think you can sing?

Well, we did too until we saw this!

The vocals being belted out by this talented young lady are mind-blowing – and she’s only 15! We can only imagine what she’ll sound like if she continues her training.

In 3rd place:  Operatic Aria at 15


Water, backfsilver-medallips, and flying – this entry has it all! Peter’s amazing flyboarding display had us equally impressed and jealous during the summer heat.

Try to watch this and not get dizzy – we dare you! We think the balloons were a nice touch, too.

In 2nd place: Liimitless Jetpack



This entry pulled a couple of tricks out of the bag. No, literally – he pulled out the trickshots.

Why kick a regular goal when you can add in some limitless possibilities?

Filmed on the first attempt (plus a bonus showing of some of his best shots), Tim showed us some seriously good kicking skills to earn himself the top prize and we absolutely loved the amount of effort he put into his video.

So now, our Liimitless competition winner and 1st place trickster: Tim Brend’s Trickshots


CONGRATULATIONS to our three Liimitless winners above and a big thankyou to everyone who took the time to share their Liimitless potential with us by sending in a video!

The cool things Australians can do are truly out of this world – so much so that the iiNet team has been inspired to perfect their drawing, singing, extreme sport talents – or at least, they’re trying!

Now let’s all give a high five to these winners!



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  1. carlo says:

    No wonder internet costs are so high – stick to just providing best service for best price.

  2. Bill says:

    Congrats to the winners and awesome efforts to everyone that entered. Good job.

  3. Filomena Notte says:

    What a great competition. Well done iiNet for giving people the opportunity to show how limitless they can be.