The NBN™ is rollin’ out

The NBN is rollin' out

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The NBN™ rollout is well underway and it’s making its way to you!

By now you’ve no doubt heard all the chit-chat about the NBN™. For those still unsure on what exactly the NBN™ is, here is a quick refresher (for those who know it like the back of your hand, just jump to the next paragraph). The NBN™ is rolling out new communications infrastructure across Australia to replace the existing broadband network. This new network is made up of a mix of technologies including fibre-optic, cable, fixed wireless and satellite designed to bring faster, more reliable internet right to your door.

Keep an eye on your mailbox for the exciting news that the NBN™ has reached your door! If you haven’t received a letter or email yet, don’t worry – it won’t be far away. In fact, this November we’ll see over 180,000 NEW premises become ready for NBN™ service, meaning these households can:

  • Share broadband across multiple devices
  • Stay in touch with those who matter the most with clear sound and video calls
  • Download and stream high quality entertainment with ease
  • Future-proof their broadband and keep up with the times

As the NBN™ rolls out, don’t forget to start weighing up your options to ensure you get connected with the right NBN™ provider for your family. We’re proud to be a national leader in customer service with a commitment to delivering great value, fast broadband internet with options to suit every family’s needs. The choice is yours, but when it comes to NBN™, iiNet are the experts. Couple those speed gains with our unlimited plan sets & award winning customer service and you have a marriage made in heaven for all our internet lovers!

Want to double check if the NBN is available at your address? You can find out at the click of a button right here!

Bookmark this page to see where your address stands in the NBN™ rollout progress. Our NBN™ Coverage Checker lets you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built and where preparation or construction is currently underway.

Are you ready to roll? When the NBN™ hits your area, there’s no reason to delay the upgrade. Make the switch with iiNet by giving us a call – it’s that simple! So what are you waiting for?

*These are maximum connection speeds as provided by nbn™. Actual throughput speeds may vary due to various factors.


  1. Great news….or is it???
    I have for years now looked for the chance to get NBN, because most of our surrounding suburbs have it, but there is a deafening silence about getting it in ours (Oakland’s Park, SA) and no date has seemingly been set for it.
    With that forecast, it is a bit confronting to be meet with jubilant news about the “roll out” of the NBN soo often

  2. Mushroom says:

    I wish I would stop getting ads to the benefits of getting NBN when they keep delaying installation in my area, we have been waiting for decent internet connection in Narre warren area since the beginning and for some reason we are continually passed over, sick of it! When we eventually get nbn it will be an inferior version to what was promised years ago, why is Australia so backwards when it comes to stuff like this?!

  3. Lyn Crowther says:

    Completed NBN node is 15 metres from our front door and has been for several months. NBN says service is unavailable until further works are carried out. We have no idea what that entails or how long it is likely to take and they will not elaborate.

  4. ian stewart says:

    When will it be at tenterfied 2372

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ian,

      Tenterfield is is showing as being surrounded by NBN Wireless, but the town centre may be receiving a different connection type. Feel free to give our Sales team a call on 13 19 17 and they’ll be able to check your address for confirmation of availability.

      – Leo.

  5. Roy says:

    I am not sure if I want or need NBN. My service with IINET is unmatched. I have hea.rd nothing but complaints about NBN subscribers but none from IINET users

  6. LISA says:

    Still no coverage in Kariong NSW

  7. Paul West says:

    Hi Erin. Can you please tell me when the NBN will be in Beechworth. victoria

  8. John Looker says:

    Every time we get an iinet blog with a positive headline about the NBN coming ur way soon wecthinkbit means us , but it is the other fella ! Type ur address into the coverage map & all u get is not available in ur area .At least they could put ” build will not commence until at least 2020 but may be earlier ” or something similar.A mate lives in an isolated country area & has had high speed NBN for 2yrs now.We live on the Gold Coast , not even an approximate date available yet.

  9. Stephen Brown says:

    still on the waitlist. No indication when, if ever this fifth rate network will be available in Castle Hill. Well done Malcolm!

  10. Mark says:

    I’ll be dead and buried before this gets to Aubin Grove

  11. Dianne Mumford says:

    I am sick of hearing about the NBN when you cannot give me a time frame for when it is coming to my address. Every time I log on to find out the areas around me are on the NBN but not me!! and not time frame is ever given. Not happy, and iiNet customer for many, many years

  12. I have a hotel 10 minutes walk from the heart of the gold coast and another 10 minutes walk from the heart of Brisbane. Neither have NBN!!!

    What on earth are you guys doing?? 2 Cities without NBN at their centre.

    Tell me the name of one, just one Australian City that has full NBN…

  13. Sherry says:

    I live in the most populous suburb in Townsville and we are not even on the NBN map.

  14. John Chadwick says:

    I can see just about all suburbs but ours Leda in Kwwinana in fact I can’t see any suburbs near us what’s going on?.

  15. Allen Conduit says:

    There is noting exciting about your management of this project.
    Please give me 100MBps now

  16. Steve says:

    Cant wait, our top down load speed is 200kb per sec on a good day!

  17. Anonymous says:

    NBN = Massive let down. Hardly any point signing up to it.

  18. Louis says:

    Myth, I’m sorry to say….

  19. syd says:

    what a lot of proper gander. I have been waiting for the NBN in my area for over five years now and it looks like it will be atleast another ten years before I get it.

  20. Chris Young says:

    When do we get it is the $64,000 question. So far the NBN is just vaporware to most of us.

  21. William Bennett says:

    Ready to Roll! I did. Satellite Skymuster II.
    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

  22. GE says:

    Seriously, unless the NBN is ‘rollin out’ to my suburb I wish not to receive reminders of how fortunate everyone else is, and how unbelievably slow the NBN project is progressing. Please target your mailing better. Thankyou.

  23. Kevin says:

    I dont think I will bother with an NBN connection it is going to take too long. I am thinking I will connect to 5G instead.
    Thanks gor the updates

  24. Richard says:

    Ive been waiting for years for wanneroo to get nbn…bet i’m waiting for at least another 2…prove me wrong please!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Richard,

      There doesn’t appear to be any information for Wanneroo and the NBN at this point, according to the relevant rollout maps.

      – Leo.

  25. Nik Stollznow says:

    Hi there. We are looking forward to upgrading to NBN but still it seems to be a long long time away.. Our internet is very slow and not reliable ..

    Bellevue Heights in SA has had some NBN go in but still waiting for ours…

  26. Monica says:

    I understand that the 100Mbps download speed quoted is the maximum but what is the average download speed of existing FTTN NBN connections? Thanks

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Monica,

      Speeds will be different for everyone connected on FTTN. This is due to factors that affect ADSL in a similar way: distance to the Node, the quality of the copper between your premises and the Node, or any infrastructure the copper needs to pass through. Therefore, there is no average connection speed, but the connection will travel as fast as the copper will allow.

      – Leo.

  27. Rex says:

    You keep telling us NBN is coming, All I want to know is WHEN…. We were told October 2016 It is now late November and no sign of it yet..
    nbn web site says it is under costruction

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Rex,

      One of the reasons why NBN rollouts can have changing timeframes is down to the construction of the network. Whilst nbn gives as much information as possible, we can only rely on their estimates for availability until the construction has been completed by them. Therefore, any timeframe given is an estimate.

      – Leo.

  28. bob robinson says:

    Have emailed iinet several times, in the last month, with a list of questions, and although I get and email back to say that the email is received, my questions about signing up to NBN are never replied to.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Bob,

      Sorry to hear that your questions weren’t answered. Have you tried making contact with Sales directly? They may be able to help.

      – Leo.

  29. Alan Barker says:

    Interesting: yesterday my download speed doubled from 7.6 to 15.00, and this has been maintained. I am aware there is a Green NBM box up the road, so possibly roll out is not far away …. hopefully !

  30. I had to ask NBN Co when the NBN would be available in Warwick 6024 and their answer was February 2017.

    I had already worked out where the nearest node to my house was, a Telstra pit (there being no pillars nearby).

    And sure enough, about a month ago a truck bearing the name “…Telecommunications,” trenching machines and workers installed large white pvc piping leading to that pit.

    But there has been a deafening silence from iiNet about when the NBN will be available to me, only vague advertising like the above that tells me nothing in particular!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Stephen,

      Just to elaborate on this, we won’t be aware of full completion of the build in your area until NBN passes this information to us. As soon as its done, you’ll start to receive more in-depth communications around this.

      – Leo.

  31. Margaret Wanstall says:

    Greenwood a suburb of Perth has difficulty obtaining internet access from any provider. Telstra has been telling me for 10years they are unable to provide access. Our Federal & State politicians are ignored despite constant submissions on our behalf. Suburbs all around Greenwood have already been connected. Why aren’t we???

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Margaret,

      We’ve taken a look for you and can’t see any information regarding the NBN rolling out in your area. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that you may not have any movement on this for at least another three years. You can contact NBN directly to discuss this, if you like.

      – Leo.

  32. Ben O'Connor says:

    The NBN is rolling out. That is your title. Nothing in your text, nothing, informs of the rollout. No area, no suburbs, no date that it was connected and available, no information on the take up rate. Do not waste my time with crap from your marketing team. Tell me what has occurred, make the information accurate. You keep sending me this smug, ignorant rubbish, I will choose another provider and tell everyone I know the reasons why. You got it?

  33. FryaDuck says:

    I live 4.5km from the Brisbane CBD, there is no plan to roll out any fraud band here.

  34. Ethan says:

    It’s meaningless to say the NBN rollout is well underway and making its way to us. Why? Because all the rollout map said is it is not available / or has not started. It provides no estimated date !!! It’s not helpful at all and a joke !!

  35. Fred De Menech says:

    I am already connected to nbn and the batteries in the portable phone are useless they last about 2 minutes I need new rechargeable batteries

  36. Neville Smith says:

    More nothingness on the NBN after the wasted $800 million plus of my money and you saying I would still be getting the revamped Optus cable that runs past my door.

    As I see it, it is all just a big con by government and every ISP that depends on the NBN for its future

  37. Anonymous says:

    This is a load of crock,
    The NBN is not coming to me at all seeing as it has been decided that the towns people in Mingenew WA are not to get the benefits of fiber optic cable but instead are to have only satellite connection.
    This then will be the same as satellite TV which you loose during rain storms or on cloudy days or even when there are strong winds blowing.
    Tell me why if satellite is so good that the Government does not use it for all of their business.
    Also why is it that all of the businesses, the Shire office and school in this town have already been hooked up to the NBN via fiber optic cable.
    Does this mean that this is the better way of obtaining the NBN.
    Also why can’t I even not get ADSL in this town or have the NBN restricted this so that we all have to hook up to an inferior system.

  38. R Borlace says:

    Hope the area west of Clare will get coverage by wireless as north of Clare looks as though it will be covered.
    What is going to have west of Clare 5453?

  39. Allan Capuano says:

    Some weeks ago I received a card from NBN saying that NBN was in the St Arnaud town. A mate of mine can see the tower but Telstra put him on ADSL2? Are you aware of the state of the pole literally…
    iinet web site said iinet has not got NBN in St Arnaud.
    Can you please advise.
    Thank you. Allan.

  40. Bill says:

    How about this scenario to act as a WARNING!
    Good friend runs an international internet business from home.
    NBN connection in play.
    Telstra cuts ADSL service.
    NBN can’t find Telstra connection.
    Telstra won’t re-connect ADSL.
    Meaningful communication between NBN
    Business has now been out of action for
    5 weeks – no sign of anything positive.

  41. Tony Maddern says:

    NBN cable laid in our street 3 years ago. Next door building has had NBN for 2 years. NBN states rollout has not yet commenced in our area and no proposed date is offered.

  42. Anonymous says:

    How is it that the Water corp is digging a trench down Vincent street north Perth and not also being used by NBN to lay fibre ??? is this not a massive waste of money ??

  43. KP says:

    I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. To this date there has been absolutely NO information on the roll out of NBN for this area. I am in the lowest point of the road, my connection constantly drops out and more often than not, we have no mobile signal either.

  44. Nigel says:

    if we can only get 4Mbs on DSL2 because of a crappy line, how is nbn going to help?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Nigel,

      If your NBN connection is going to be Fibre To The Node, one thing it will do is move the connection point (in this case, the Node, instead of the telephone exchange) closer to your premises. For most people, this will give a dramatic increase in speeds.

      – Leo.

  45. Cheryl says:

    Hmm the speeds are not what I expected. My current 4G wireless minimum speed is 144 Mbps and most days 300 Mbps download speeds. Is this because NBN’s connection to the hub and using the old copper wire? Most countries have 5G now, huge wireless towers and super high speeds for everyone via a wireless network. As usual Australia is ten years behind the rest of the world in broadband technology. Very disappointing. Think I’ll stick to wireless, it might be expensive but the new plans 50GB for $100 at 300Mbps is looking a better deal.

  46. David Paull says:

    We have had NBN installed at our home for over a month.
    Worse thing we ever did , no internet service since then , Telstra cannot fix the problem , same with NBN , wish we had never asked them to come to our home.Absolutely hopeless, NBN does not work

  47. Mke Gandy says:

    Thanks Mishkah for all your help and patient understanding as we navigated our way around the nbn installation process.

    Linking internet, phones and other Wi-Fi devices requires a pleasant voice on the other end of the phone.

    We got there. 10/10 Mishkah

  48. Shane Olds says:

    Yes, over 180,000 premises will be physically connected in November, but we’ll still be waiting until March to be able to get NBN.

    My house has been connected since mid October, but I’ve been told no premises in my area will be able to switch to NBN yet. Why? No one can tell me. I even spoke to techs working on the node in my area and they said this is the last time they’ll be out, no more work to be done.

    Are you ready to roll? When the NBN™ hits your area, there’s no reason to delay the upgrade. Make the switch with iiNet buy giving us a call – it’s that simple! So what are you waiting for?

    You tell us. What are we waiting for?

  49. At last it pleases me to see the north western suburbs in SA being rolled out as one of the largest Adelaide metro brownfields to become NBN ready.

    Fingers crossed that this will be a sign of things to come and lead to more of Adelaide being rolled out simultaneously.

    People became disillusioned back in Conrovian times thinking that fibre would not arrive any time soon.

    Many invested in fixed wireless in defiance.

    Most watched nearby govt developments get NBN nearby but no where else and decided to wait and use mobile broadband in the meantime.

    Or make do with the problem prone PSTN.

    The roll out to metro Adelaide and the rest of Australia is important as it has been long overdue.

  50. Dianne Hollick says:

    In the context above it should be BY not BUY

  51. Robert Lehman says:

    We already have NBN thanks to your fast and efficient organisation of the service. And, it comes right to our door! Grateful thanks. Bob

  52. Joe says:


    Any idea when Merredin WA will get the NBN

  53. Shane Regan says:

    Still not seeing anything about Morley WA. There should be markers on the map according to the roll-out strategy suggesting there is a problem here. iiNet – do you have any information regarding the Morley WA area?

  54. Dave Funnell says:

    Just curious.Do I have to change my current email address with the NBN.

  55. Dean says:

    Hi there, I love you guys and want to join up as son as nbn comes involved in sandy bay,
    In our house we do have avid gamers and would like the fastest possible internet connection.

    I my self do not know much about internet and how it all works but I would like to get the fastest speeds with no drop outs either… as you can imagine the rage that causes.

    I have been recommended and I do like how you put customers first.

    Would love to hear back for when we can join up, how much it all costs and all the ins and outs.

    Cant wait to hear back

    thanks Dean

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Dean,

      The fastest way to obtain the info you need is to call Sales directly on 13 19 17. Let staff know your situation and they’ll be able to take a look at your address to check availability and come up with the right plan for you and your household.

      – Leo.

  56. james paterson says:

    The news letter tells me nothing.
    The comments are a tale of woe.
    Even people with NBN are not happy.
    Telstra cable for Foxtel HPC was getting 100mbs several years ago. The news letter is not mentioning HPC. All in all avoiding the NBN seems a better option. On rare occasion when my internet is down I got acceptable speeds using mobile phone as a “hot Point”I fear that may prove to be a better option.
    Last week NBN is having to borrow another 20billion from government who will have to borrow it adding to debt.

  57. Arron says:

    As the guy who had the first business/home ADSL up and running in WA – I was asked to teach the Telstra techs how to set it up “in the field” – I am now in internet hell. My 19.2Mb iinet ADSL2+ connection (stable since 2003) has just been “improved” down to 12.75Mb after NBN rewiring this area a couple of months ago. The latency has also increased to painful levels. I presume when/if I sign up to NBN (coming here “real soon now”) I will be unlikely to see any improvement.
    Download 12.75Mbps (down from between 19.2 to 19.3 since 2003)
    Upload 0.07Mbps (!!!) (down from 2048)
    Latency 17ms (up from 10, although this new figure is truly fictional IMHO, try 150+)
    Jitter 2ms. I have shifted my viewpoint from looking forward to having “real NBN” over to hoping it doesn’t get worse – and dreaqding the next Lib Guv “improvement”. Rockingham WA.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Arron,

      We’d certainly advise that getting in touch with Support and asking to have this investigated would be the way to go. Even if there is the NBN rolling out in your area, your current DSL service shouldn’t be affected, so this is worth looking into.

      – Leo.

  58. Kenji says:

    Well… that’s great. At Homebush West, all the buildings around us have NBN except for ours without even a build preparation or plan in sight. Its like we’re stuck in a technology vacuum on our small block of land. Maybe its just physically not feasible or the location bars it from happening… but have been waiting. Looks like the only solution is to move to a suburb which is already NBN ready.

  59. Stephen says:

    Hi there
    we have recently had the nbn satellite connected and find that the speed is no better than the previous satellite service

    i had no internet service for at least 10 hours until i rang them and got some female in south africa that i could not understand
    so i just switched of everything and waited 30 min turned everything back on
    and got back online but still with slow speeds.


  60. Michael Duggan says:

    I had nbn installed but lost my landline, when I asked when the service will be put on the reply was at least fourteen days or more to get the service with my old number.In the meantime I am paying for something I don’t have. I have people in Europe I cannot contact as my IINET mobile contract doesn’t allow this. Think twice before installing nbn. Michael

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Michael,

      Firstly, apologies for the issues with the install of your NBN service.

      When transferring a landline number to Netphone, the service does need to be moved off the copper infrastructure and go through a series of changes within the wholesalers systems, as well as ours. This can take some time, depending on the complexity of the work involved.

      If you haven’t done so already, feel free to have a chat to our Provisioning team regarding this, on 1300 634 515 and they should be able to give you further information here.

      – Leo.

  61. Lisa Lavin says:

    After being hounded by iiNet staff for weeks on end, even though there is no infrastructure installed on my house, telling me i could now connect to NBN. I placed my order for NBN got an install date, which was then put back a month, then another month, apparently NBN need to do more works. I am watching my neighbours have their installations done, why the hold up with me? Should i try another provider? Why can i not have the hardware installed while NBN finish what they have to do? Oh and btw, all my “updates” came via text messages, not even the decency of a phone call, but even those have dried up so absolutely no idea when i will get NBN despite the NBN Co. saying that it is available at my address. Pick up your game people or I am out of here.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for jumping in to bring this to our attention. Whilst we don’t have any control over NBN installation appointments, a change in provider will have no influence on how NBN arranges any work in the field. Instead, our Fibre team (1300 455 806) can assist. They’ll be able to fill you in on what is happening with your install and where it will go from its current status.

      – Leo.

  62. Dave says:

    So the NBN FTTN cabinets are being installed now and some stalker-level googling of NBN documents has revealed that my area 6KEL-21 will be online sometime in the next 4-6 months. 4 years overdue and on the wrong technology but at least it’s nearly here finally.

    What’s not so great about this is whilst googling for those documents I discovered some hearsay that ‘allegedly’ came from iiNet staff members a few months ago who were overheard to say that iiNet already has congestion in this region with the few FTTP customers around here and that there’s too many levels of bueracracy at iiNet for anyone to do anything about it in a timely fashion. Now whether any of that’s true or not I couldn’t say but what guarantees do we have that iiNet will have purchased sufficient capability to handle the influx of customers in this region without network congestion issues? If I’m paying for 100/40 speeds and my node is literally across the road then I expect at least 85-90+ mbits at all peak/non-peak times.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Dave,

      Great question!

      We make every effort to ensure that we have the required capacity for all of our services and these are reviewed on a daily basis, with upgrades and increases placed as soon as possible. There are exceptions to the rule, especially if there are major works that need to be conducted, but if there is an issue, we will inform customers via our Network Status page, along with any planned solutions.

      – Leo.

  63. Bruce Bebbington says:

    We have had westnet satellite (iss) for over three years, as westnet did not join up, we went elsewhere for skymuster to get speed and data, but kept a westnet account for emails. Now we want to return to westnet on skymuster, but have been told we have to cancel our service, lose the internet, then reapply (online with no internet) and wait for it to be reconnected. Why can’t it be churned like all other telecommunications in Australia? Westnet said it could be done, NBNco say it can. After two weeks, Westnet say it can be done, but because of the cost Westnet are not offering churns, only an indefinite loss of internet while you pay $99.95 activation for them to fill out a form, the same price for a complete new installation.
    Time to look after your satellite customers you have forgotten about and allow churning. your response of go to another provider isn’t very helpful.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Bruce,

      Let’s give you some clarity here.

      We aren’t processing NBN Sky Muster Satellite churns, so switching from another provider to ourselves will require the cancellation of the service with your current provider. Once the service is cancelled, we will check to ensure the service is clear. If so, the application is processed and you’ll be online up to 48 hours after this point.

      Realistically, you may have downtime totally 3-5 working days, depending how quickly your previous provider cancels the service with NBN. Standard setup costs apply, as we incur costs to bring your service online with NBN.

      – Leo.

  64. Dr M Fullam says:

    I desire NBN in Isaacs (Woden Valley) ACT, 2607.
    However, there appears to be no plan to roll our NBN to established residential area of the ACT.
    It appears roll our in the ACT is restricted to new residential developments and CBD and large business.
    I’m tired of commercial for NBN, when there is no plan to provide it in the ACT.
    Why is Canberra excluded from NBN roll out?

    • Leo Yarnold says:


      The ACT and Canberra is serviced by a variety of connection technologies, from Fibre, NBN, VDSL2 right through to ADSL. Ultimately, the decision on the rollout schedule is made by NBN and you would need to refer to them on when your area will be scheduled for an upgrade.

      – Leo.

  65. Graham Mahony says:

    I live in Attadale, WA. It is a worry when not even NBN can tell me when to expect the installation here; what else have they forgot to plan in advance?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Graham,

      Attadale isn’t on NBN’s 3 year rollout schedule so it is unknown when it will be upgraded.

      – Leo.

  66. Chris Mortimer says:

    Hi there. I live in Redcliffe QLD and our building has had NBN via hybrid cable connected for 5 months. When I look on the NBN map it shows NBN available at my address. iinet is not however listed as a supplier. When I look on iinet page it says NBN is not available at my address.

    TPG and Internode are currently installing NBN services for hybrid cable in Redcliffe but none is available from iinet. I am on a two year ADSL contract with iinet with 9 months to go.

    Can you update me on when or whether iinet will offer NBN services in Redcliffe on the NBN Hybrid cable. iinet were involved in early trials with Hybrid cable so it is disappointing that you do currently have an NBN offer for Hybrid cable.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for dropping by. The main reason for us not appearing as being able to service your particular area is either an address mismatch, or, that we do not have the infrastructure in place (a point of interconnect) to service the building.

      Having said that, our Sales team may be able to assist via 131917 so feel free to give them a call.

      – Leo.

  67. Murray Juchau says:

    Could you please advise when nbn is coming to surfside 2536 nsw

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Murray,

      Parts of Surfside already have access to NBN, via NBN Fixed Wireless or NBN Fibre. The rest of Surfside appears to be on the construction schedule for early next year.

      – Leo.

  68. Colin Richardson says:

    These e-mails are ridiculous when so many of us aren’t even on the rollout plan yet. How about toning down the exuberance of new places when it isn’t us.

    Or better yet, add some mapping smarts to your mass mail to actually target people to which it applies