The Sydney Sixers’ new golden girls

Welcome Reception for the Ambassador for Women and Girls

Aussies love their cricket, even more than they love barbecues and reducing words down to 2 syllables. Maybe it’s embedded in our DNA as it remains the nation’s number one participation sport. Its popularity is set to increase even further thanks to investments such as new cricket grounds.

Why we love cricket

So what is it about this sport that makes it so enticing? I believe one of the greatest appeals is that it is a game that requires both great mental and physical skill. In some ways, it’s a game of wits, with great strategy involved in the types of bowling and batting, but it is still very physically demanding. Cricket of all sports is one that requires great endurance, especially in Australia under the sun: the players are certainly some tough cookies!

As someone who is not physically gifted by any stretch of the imagination, I have a lot of admiration for the dedication and skill of our top athletes, especially our cricket stars. Like Lisa Simpson, sport was always the hateful blotch on my otherwise straight-A report card, and the only first place trophies I ever earned were on Mario Kart.

At iiNet, we don’t like cricket – we love it! Which is why we’ve been the proud principle partner of the Sydney Sixers Big Bash League team for the last 2 years. The boys are some of the best cricketers in Australia and the exciting news is soon we’re going to see a new Sydney Sixers T20 Big Bash League: a women’s league!


Girls in sport

Although iiNet will continue to be the principle partner of the men’s team only, we’re excited for the formation of a women’s team. The Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) will see some of the most skilled and talented women cricketers from around Australia come together for their first season of play.

When making the historic decision, Cricket Australia (CA) had one strong goal in mind: to see cricket become a favourite sport of girls and women across the nation for them to enjoy both playing and watching. By landing a momentous deal with Channel 10 which will see 8 matches of the season broadcast live on the popular mainstream station, CA are well on their way to achieving their goals.


The Dream Team

Leading the way for the Sydney Sixers women’s team is 24-year-old allrounder Ellyse Perry, who was the first WBBL signing and has been appointed captain. Decked out in the legendary Sydney Sixer’s magenta uniform, she will be followed by: Rhiannon Dick, Ashleigh Gardner, Alyssa Healy, Sara Hungerford, Lauren Smith, Kara Sutherland and Emily leys. The girls will also be joined by 3 international players, who are yet to be revealed.


Get in on the action!

In order to further encourage people to enjoy all the excitement of the WBBL, tickets are free to most the matches! So if you want to see the great talent of these girls smashing some sixes, get out to their games at the various suburban grounds in Sydney, such as Drummoyne Oval, Waverly Oval and Hurstville Oval.

You can also catch the girls playing prior to the men’s team on Sunday 20 December and Saturday 16 January at the SCG. Tickets for these matches are available through 

We wish the girls all the best in their first season, and will continue to cheer on the Sydney Sixers well into summer.


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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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  1. scatty says:

    Great info iinet. Yay for the girls ☺ I will be cheering them on

  2. Good on them Finally girls women teams are starting to go forward.

  3. Adrian says:

    Same here, can’t wait !!