Three drones you can buy now and control with your smartphone

Drone preparing to fly over the city

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The word drone is no longer just to describe a boring blabbermouth, it’s also the name of the fun new tech taking the world by storm.

The rise of drones as tools of work and play has been cause for a lot of chatter recently. In fact, they’re becoming so popular they’re even tipped to be the number one present under every tree this Christmas.

Owning your own drone is even more enticing now that more models can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. If you’ve been thinking of getting your hands on one: here are three of the finest drones on the market that you can control with your device.

Droning for less dollars


The Rolling Spider drone from Parrot is one of the best budget buys. Its range and stature are smaller than other heavier-duty machines, meaning your flights of fantasy are slightly limited. However, its petite frame makes it easier to transport, and it can still snap rudimentary photos for you from above.

This drone also comes with wheels that allow it to function as a remote-controlled car. Android, iOS and Windows Phone users can all take control of the device indoors or outdoors. It stays soaring skyward for up to eight minutes and takes about 90 minutes to fully recharge.

Rock Steady Steering

Parrot also boasts a great mid-range drone that you can control with your smartphone. The Bebop comes with a built-in fisheye camera so you don’t have to purchase and attach a separate piece of equipment.

Parrot Bebop Drone shares airspace with Joan of Arc in Malcolm X Park, Washington, DC USA   - Note: I do not own this drone and I am not its operator see: for latest information about FAA guidelines in Washington, DC

Live video from the lens is shown on your Android or iOS device. Your phone or tablet also allows you to make in-flight changes to altitude and alter other key controls. The sleek, stylish drone can stay in the air for 11 minutes with a full battery charge and is suited to flying indoors and outdoors.

Flight of the Phantom


DJI’s Phantom series has been one of the most popular drone varieties so far, and regular updates means it’s likely to stay that way. The DJI Phantom 2 is available now, with the Phantom 3 not too far behind.

The Phantom 2 allows you to plan a flight plan on your phone or tablet and will let you grab photos wirelessly once it lands. The drone will stay airborne for a mighty 25 minutes before running out of juice.

While Phantom models aren’t the most expensive drones out there, any of the highest-end options will set your bank account back a bit. Great controllability and clear imagery comes with a price, you know.

iiNet couldn’t resist the drone craze and even stocked up on Shotbox AP10 Drones which you can purchase at the iiOnlineStore.

Which model is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Brian Carty says:

    Hi! I really do not appreciate the add for Parrot remote controls. I was looking for an objective critic not an add.
    Please do not move into this type of infomercial. We get enough of that crap on TV.


  2. Clinton says:

    I so want one next time I see Santa

  3. John Pritchard says:

    Whilst drones can be fun and of lots of use, perhaps those responsible for this advertisement should have included some mention of the rules under which the drones operate under Commonwealth legislation (Civil Aviation Safety Regulations)as there are some limitations on their operations in the interests of aviation safety.

  4. phil says:

    I have a Walkera qr x350 pro, I purchased this for my love of Photography. Believe me they have come a long way since the little helicopters you would see in the sales alleys at the local show.
    My drone as the Phantom you had in the article have automatic return to home and self landing technology and they will hover rock steady so you can take your pictures.

  5. Bilal says:

    A price mention would have made it easier for us to decide what we can afford.

  6. Stan says:

    What really is the joy in these things?
    Spying on people, assisting crooks see who is home, the massive invasion of privacy, the threat to air traffic etc etc.These things need to be regulated or banned.

  7. Terry says:

    Bebop looks good. More research to do.
    Great info as I am looking into one for my property management in country NSW so need a max range of 3 km controlled video feed and flight. So many applications in property management.

  8. mary cheah says:

    These should be used to guard the forests against arsonists, catch them before they can destroy the environment. Stop wasting water and resources as well as property and lives..
    They should be utilized adjacent to all bushland areas. Also used to spot sharks near to the beaches.If used like guard dogs they might prevent robberies particularly near hazardous material depots. and the like.

  9. Len Bauer says:

    Thanks for putting up some basics of the new world of drones.
    It’s difficult to sit and wait for the new battery that is suppose to be out in November 2015. Saw a brief on it March 2014 and how it holds one hundred times plus the energy of our batteries of today. A phone can be charged up in next to no time, and last for the average a whole week and is much smaller.
    Same goes for all other batteries, so am so keen to see what the air waves bring in November. For wow how much greater will our drone world be.
    So Thanks again for I now know who will be passing on this information, won’t you iiNET? Cheers

  10. Peter Presneill says:

    Please advise idea of cost involved, to include type of phone required for control;
    what requirements are there from the Dept of Civil Aviation, (CASA) and associated costs.
    I hold a first class pilots licence.
    eg. Phantom 2

  11. Margaret Chittick says:

    Love these drones……want one! Watched as earlier ones progressed, should be fun to check out the new ones.
    Good one, iInet!!

  12. Bruce says:

    I believe you may be in breach of the current CASA regulations by NOT including their ‘rules’ in your advertisement, and it is also not mentioned in the “what’s in the box” of your iiShop description. These multirotors (they are not really drones!) will cut childrens and brides faces, and ruin any wedding day if they are used wrongly (esp DJI Phantom) but can be great fun used right. They are very boring to fly but a unique camera angle can be amusing – maybe not for a thousand bucks??? You need to sell spare propellers!!! Warning – don’t expect your local hobby shop to have any spares…