Time to ‘branch out’ with a new social network?

Just when you thought you had your fill of social networks, along comes Branch.

Created by Ev Williams and Biz Stone, two of Twitter’s original founders, Branch is ideal for anyone who loves nothing better than a good natter on Twitter but feels conversation is too constrained at just 140 characters a pop.

Introducing Branch

Branch aims to solve the problem of noise and clutter of the internet’s wealth of perspectives and ideas and to make it easier to have dialogue in an online world of content dominated by monologues!

Controlling the conversation

In this social network, you to control the conversation by only inviting selected users to your ‘branch’. If you see a branch you want to weigh in on, you can apply to join, offering a hint of what value you can add to the discussion. 

Easy to use

Right now, the site is invite only so you’ll need to apply for access. Once you’ve bagged your golden ticket, you can log in using your Twitter account and get stuck in.

Branch’s creators are proud of its crisp, clean design and easy-to-use layout. You’ll see just a few branches with suggestions from the network,  as well as threads sorted by personal recommendation, popularity and how recently they were added.

You can be an observer and watch the debate back and forth on popular threads, ask to join a thread or start your own branch, either with your own topic or ‘branching off’ from an existing conversation.

Up for discussion

Rather than Twitter’s 140 characters (which make for easy reading but tough editing), Branch gives you 750 characters to make your contribution to the conversation. 

But do we really need another social network?

We have many social networks on the go nowadays – is there room for yet another in our lives? Branch is still in its early days, but the integration with Twitter and growing number of early adopters indicate Branch is in it for the long haul..

Perhaps Branch will appeal to people who don’t quite get Twitter, but like the idea of an intimate conversation space with themed discussions..It provides a clean and organised environment, ideal for fostering quality over quantity in post content.

Why not request an invite and give it a whirl for yourself?

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