A Peek At Our Network Engineers

by Vlad Angel

Like many others at iiNet who began in the call centre, I’ve worked my way up through the ranks. From Customer Service Representative to Associate programmer, to Network Engineer and, more recently, Senior Networking Engineer.

Five years ago I entered the halls of ii with my Computer Science Degree and a Cisco Certified Network Associate certification under my belt. I knew I wanted to work with an ISP, so naturally this was the day job to begin with.

Here’s a snapshot of what I do. Bear with me though, I understand that sometimes Network Engineers can seem like they’re talking in code – we love our acronyms. I guess you could say I help look after the national network to keep things running smoothly. My team and I fix up any problems we might be having with the network and make sure everyone’s Internet is working at all times. The stuff that fills up my day is usually revising and approving maintenance plans, fixing any major faults, enabling the capacity on domestic bandwidth and doing things like maintenance work to upgrade our company’s network software and hardware.

I work with most of the teams in the company to understand the requirements of the network. Armed with that information I can arrange changes to the network and modify existing or write new network monitoring checks to ensure it’s all working as we like.  Network Operations gives me a chance to work on complex problems and push the hardware and software we purchase from vendors to their limits.

I’ve got a lot of freedom to work with different departments and explore new ways to do things. This freedom is essential in a role like mine. The rate at which technology changes is staggering and often we need to decide if something is good enough to spend several years working on.  Therefore, our challenge is to stay current with all new tech advancements such as new software, hardware and protocols in order to apply the right solution.

So now I’ve worked my way up to Senior Network Engineer, I’m focusing on how to best get the most out of the role and change things for the better. Reaching the Senior Networking Engineer level has been a pretty sturdy goal for several years now and while it hasn’t been easy, it has definitely been worth it. Bring on the next five years.


  1. There is an issue with Online Vault which I would like to take up with a system engineer (I am a mechanical engineer with some knowledge of General Systems). I will not talk nonsense, I think.

    • Matthew Jones says:

      Hi Kesara,

      If you post your question here, it’s likely that we can arrange for one of the Online Vault experts to address it. After all, doing so publicly means we also answer that question for others who have it! :-)

      If it’s a specific issue with your account (as opposed to a wider issue with Online Vault) as a whole, those issues are still best directed at support for privacy reasons.

      Matt Jones