Tools to check your iiNet NBN status

Are you looking to learn more about the National Broadband Network? Whether you’re still waiting to get on the NBN™ or you’re already connected and you need to check on your service, there’s lots of tools to help you find out more about your NBN™ status.

Fortunately, we’re the NBN™ experts and we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at some handy online tools that will tell you:

  • You NBN™ availability and when the NBN™ rollout is coming to you;
  • Which NBN™ plans are available at your address;
  • How to run an NBN™ speed test; and
  • How to do an NBN™ check for outages and planned maintenance in your area.


Getting started with the NBN

Is the NBN™ still a mystery to you? You can clear up some of the confusion by checking your address on the NBN™ Rollout map. This is NBN Co’s official guide to the NBN™ rollout and it will tell you whether or not your address is ready to connect to the NBN™, where further rollouts are planned, and which NBN™ technology will be used.

In the example below, you can see an address that’s ready to connect to NBN™ Fibre to the Node (FTTN).


You can find out more about the different types of NBN™ technologies (FTTB/N, FTTC, FTTP, HFC, Wireless & Satellite) on our website.


Find NBN™ plans in your area

If your address is ready to connect to the NBN™, it’s time to pick your plan so you can upgrade from the legacy broadband network. To browse our range of iiNet NBN™ plans, all you need to do is head to our website and punch in your address. Our online service qualification tool will confirm that NBN™ is available in your area, and point you to available plans for the type of NBN™ at your address. With a wide range of speed and value options available, we’ve got the perfect plan for every type of household.



Check up on your NBN™ speed

Once you’re connected to the NBN™, you’ll definitely want to take your broadband for a speed test. Not only will this help you understand what your new broadband service is capable of, but it will also help you optimise your home network and identify potential service issues. To check your speed, simply head to our online speed checker to run a quick test.

Pro tip: If you do find a problem with your NBN™ speed, check out our handy troubleshooting guides.


NBN™ Network Status checker

If you find your connection isn’t working as expected, it could be the result of an unplanned outage or planned maintenance on the wider network. If you ever have an unexpected issue on your NBN™ service, the first thing you should do is head on over to the NBN™ Network Status page and check your address. This information comes directly from NBN Co, giving you the most up-to-date info about network outages and planned maintenance scheduled within the next ten days.



Looking to switch to iiNet NBN™?

Looking to get NBN™ with the NBN™ experts? iiNet’s great-value NBN™ plans and award-winning customer service will give you a better experience on the NBN™. And when you switch your NBN™ to iiNet, you won’t have any downtime! We can also help those who need to upgrade to the NBN™ for the first time with our handy NBN™ pre-orders. Just give our friendly Sales team a call on 13 19 17 or sign up online and we’ll take care of you.


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  1. Graham Lawrence says:

    Quote: “If you find your connection isn’t working as expected the first thing you should do is head on over to the NBN™ Network Status page and check your address”.

    Are you serious? How can I do that if the thing isn’t working?

  2. Ian C Purdie says:

    Why are there two different toolboxes?

    I joined Iinet over 8 years ago and have the regular fairly useful toolbox.

    I encouraged my daughter to sign up with Iinet over a year ago and she has a rubbish toolbox.

    I could go on about the disappointing changes noticed in recent years…

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ian,

      There’s currently two different Toolboxes as we’re in the midst of changing over to a new billing platform. Improvements and features are being added to enhance its usefulness as well!

      – Leo

  3. Clive Wilbraham says:

    Thanks for the speed test, but what results should we be looking for as acceptable.
    Mine were 16bps
    Is that acceptable?
    Thank You

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Clive,

      Given the connection that you have, that test is pretty much spot on. Well done!

      – Leo

  4. sreenatha says:

    Yes, I have been working from home. I have optical cable to home and subscribe to 100 mbps. For the last few days, the internet is becoming intermittent and the speed is slowing. What is happening? With your phones busy, it has become very difficult to contact.

  5. Keith Russell says:

    I can only say ,Disappointed, Why, I was told my NBN would be fitted 06/03/20 between 0800 & 1200 I received text messages, to confirm I would be home a phone call to make sure if I had a dog it was controlled all good apart from the NBN person not showing up, not even contacting me Bloody rude then told it would be done the 19/20th of March fine the tech was polite very helpful & did the job, But I still was not connected iinet knew nothing about it & could not/would not help, finally on Thursday 26 March 20 another nbn tech person came once more very good ,polite helpful, took away the box the other had fitted ,got it all up and running ,but who the hell is organizing these technical people, it is no wonder it has cost the Australian people millions of dollars when who ever is in charge cannot organize a good drink in a brewery. the minister should be over seeing all these things

  6. Kit woodward says:

    Other than a couple of times glitching we are more
    Than happy thanks I inet

  7. Greg says:

    Is there a tool to show why my modem drops connection? Was it my end or yours?

    It comes back within 5 minutes and it seems like maybe once or twice a day, so it is not quite bad enough to log a support call on.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Greg,

      You can see your connection history in Toolbox, but there’s no tool to determine at whose end the fault is with. Instead, we always suggest troubleshooting, so give our help guides a look!

      – Leo

  8. Brian says:

    I’m on the NBN unlimited plan with max speed and I get a paltry 7mbps and at peak work hours during the day I’ll be lucky to crack 2mbps. NBN plans are a joke (I was getting 40mbps sometime 2 years ago). I believe I have fttp..

  9. David bodmer says:

    Will anyone ever answer the support phone.
    Can’t use the chat as it’s overloaded.
    Send emails. You never respond.
    Call me now.

  10. David Dunn says:

    Do you have any plans that enable you to do fibre to the kerb or fibre into your house.
    We are approximately 400 mtrs from the node which is at the top of our street.

  11. William sennett says:

    Does my IiNet plan continue or do I have at some stage have to go on to a NBN plan?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi William,

      As you’re an iiNet Ultra Broadband Cable customer, you’re fine to stay just where you are – there’s no need to move!

      – Leo

  12. robert says:

    10.9mbs download and .9mbs upload is not very impressive amd less than the assumes avrage

  13. Philippa Westerman says:

    What I want to know is the status of the Internet. You used to be able to do this very easily in the dark ages of computers before icons and apps.

  14. Richard Moormann says:

    Thanks for this super fast NBN connection. I’m getting 6.7 download and 2.2 upload.How good is that?

  15. J Stringer says:

    since having NBN installed 4 days ago I have tested the speed and it’s very low although response time on computer seems higher than previously. Just checked it agin twice; Download speed first time 1.4 MBPS Second time 10.4 MBPS. What’s going on?

  16. Alanna Hartog says:

    iinet is always prompt with solving issues, and I love these tips. The only problem I have now is with 3 teens and 2 adults in the home there is never enough bandwidth, unfortunately we are only able to access wireless nbn. Makes home schooling and work almost impossible some days, how I would love something faster than 25/5 on the wireless

  17. Marinus Pieck says:

    Having switched to NBN100 is the best move I made in the last few days. Download speeds are between 95 and 103Mbps and upload speeds are in the vicinity of 38.

  18. Lance Martin says:

    Your troubleshooting guide for NBN link is not working, please fix.

    • Gina Thompson says:

      Thanks for catching that, Lance. We recently updated our Support website to a new platform. I’ve updated with the new link, You can select NBN and then your NBN service type to get to the right speed troubleshooting article. 🙂 – Gina

  19. Rachael Attiwill says:

    My upload and download speeds are around 11 just now using speed test. That is really slow in my opinion. I am paying alot of money for this service in my opinion which isn’t up to scratch. I am in Coromandel Valley South Australia 5051

  20. Cinthya says:

    Great service. Have no issues working from home. Thank you IINET

  21. Peter Jenkins says:

    Have sent an email to support still waiting for support to get back to me to resolve a major problem I have.

  22. Jim Wenham says:

    Telephone service not working no dial tone.
    Unsatisfactory in these uncertain times!

  23. Anthony CIRCOSTA says:

    I have not had internet access for 5 days can you please let me know what is happening

    I have tried ringing 132258

  24. Charles Rich says:

    A long time user of IInet and still happy after 20+ years.

  25. Russell says:

    speed is 45mbps so pretty impressed, BUT…it takes ages to load pages. forget loading more than one at a time. as bad as dial up.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Russell,

      This may not be the connection itself – it could be an issue with connecting over Wi-Fi or even a DNS issue. We’d suggest isolating the connection to one device, connected via ethernet cable first, with Wi-Fi turned off, to see if that helps.

      – Leo

  26. Alison says:

    In theory, with today’s technology, working at home should be very easy to do.
    But with the service dropping out multiple times each day it’s proving challenging.

  27. Owen Griffiths says:

    I Started using iinet long before it was iinet.
    Infact one of the first customers of “” The serves was excellent and as the company changed hands a few times the service did not deteriorate.
    When iinet bought in the service was still good and used service centres in Perth AU and Cape Town.
    The Cape Town staff were excellent and still are.
    My concern was that when TPG took over that the call centre might go to India or Indonesia, where the service was lacking and the Language is a problem.
    (difficult to understand)
    PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THE CALL CENTRES FROM THE OLD LOCATIONS. I Feel this would result in a decline of good customers.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting to get NBN in Richmond Victoria

  29. Phil says:

    Well, what do ya know! As with most things these days NBN Network Status Checker….
    Ha-ha-ha-ha! It would be funny if it wasn’t indicative of the overall quality of the Commercial Services sector these days.
    But they won’t be held accountable. “Smoke and mirrors” and excuses galore.
    Of course, if the actual working population of Australia performed in the same manner, why, they wouldn’t have a job for very long, now would they?
    “Here we are again, happy as can be,
    All good friends and jolly good company.”

  30. j says:

    thank you iinet!

  31. Paul Vincent says:

    Do I have to get a new router? If so, can you guarantee that I will still be able to access Snart button portals on my Samsung TV

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Paul,

      You will likely need a new router (which we can supply), however the issue with the Samsung TV will be something that Samsung will be able to help with.


  32. Greg says:

    some of my less online skilled friends get me to help them with some of this stuff, first thing I say to em is I rarely have any trouble with Ozemail/IINet and if i do they handle it well so they should ditch who they are with.

  33. Peter says:

    You give a link to check the NBN status but not to check the Westnet status.

  34. Jx says:

    this speed test via West coast is odd, i mean i get 20mbps, but on the east coast via closer servers and other tools i obtain closer to 80-90mbps which seems closer to what i see all day.
    as always though thanks for the update team

  35. Andrew says:

    1st time wonderful connection – regularly 48mbps download and 28 upload thankyou Iinet!

  36. Trish says:

    I only get 11 down load and 0.8 upload at 10pm at night, the best I get on the Speed Test, what can I do to improve this?

  37. Fay says:

    We transferred to the NBN to find the new modem placed at the front of the house because they refused to put the modem where the old (Iinet) one was as it meant more wiring. We now have half the house unable to receive a stronger enough connection and Iinet refusing to do anything about it. We are in a work off position and have been told we need to pay for a booster of sorts. So we are now paying more for the NBN and in fact getting less. We have been with Iinet for more than 10 years. Extremely extremely disappointed with Iinet.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Fay,

      NBN is ultimately responsible for where their equipment is installed in the premises so you can raise an installation complaint with them and they’ll likely refer you to us. In the meantime, please understand that Wi-Fi signals aren’t infallible and will weaken over distance and when it has to go through items like walls. Therefore a Wi-Fi booster may well be needed. We’d also suggest fine tuning your Wi-Fi by following this guide:

      – Leo

  38. Paul Dorrington says:

    There are 7 people in our house all using the NBN. It’s Purring like a Kitten and handling the usage needs. Thanks IINET.
    You Rock.
    Telstra Is Getting Left Behind In Your Dust.

  39. Peter says:

    IINET have been amazing with their personalised support. Like Charles – Ive had over 2o years of service with very few hiccups and I can be the customer from hell 🙂

  40. Lance says:

    I am on 50Mb FNBN – How about sorting out the evening speed issues? If a customer pays for a speed tier they should get that 24/7.

    Or at the very least let the line quality dictate speed, not network usage / congestion.

    *I know its an issue with CVC and NBNCo business model.

  41. Mark Murrell says:

    What is an acceptable speed. Currently running at 46.4MBps download and 17MBps (as per your checker) for uploads.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Mark!

      If those speeds are on an NBN50 tier, then they are very much acceptable. Bear in mind that speeds are subject to various factors as well. Cheers!

      – Leo

  42. Roger says:

    Clicking on the troubleshooting guides link takes me to a page not found. Download speed is 35 at the moment occasionally I have been able to get much higher.

    • Gina Thompson says:

      Thanks for catching that, Roger. We recently updated our Support website to a new platform. I’ve updated with the new link, You can select NBN and then your NBN service type to get to the right speed troubleshooting article. 🙂 – Gina

  43. JANELLE FILKIN says:

    Your link to troubleshooting guides doesn’t work. You get the dreaded “Page not found” message.

    Pro tip: If you do find a problem with your NBN™ speed, check out our handy troubleshooting guides.

    • Gina Thompson says:

      Thanks for catching that, Janelle. We recently updated our Support website to a new platform. I’ve updated with the new link, You can select NBN and then your NBN service type to get to the right speed troubleshooting article. 🙂 – Gina

  44. John Saylor says:

    The link embedded in
    Pro tip: If you do find a problem with your NBN™ speed, check out our handy troubleshooting guides.
    doesn’t work

    • Gina Thompson says:

      Whoops! Thanks for catching that, John. We recently updated our Support website to a new platform. I’ve updated with the new link, You can select NBN and then your NBN service type to get to the right speed troubleshooting article. 🙂 – Gina

  45. Kent Broad says:

    For the first time last night Netflix lost the audio. We stopped the program for a period a couple of times and we got through to the end but a bit frustrating. Stan had done it frequently so we have discontinued subscribing to that

  46. W G Talbot says:

    I have to complain as I have been connected to iiNet NBN since Jan 2020 and in that time my NBN voip telephone has worked 3 times for a short period and still not working

  47. Bruce James says:

    We are now 10 days into the iinetNBN connection and though we have the internet up and running we still(after 5 attempts to get someone at iinet to help) have no home phone which is part of our package. Get this fixed iinet and we’ll be once again a happy customer.

  48. John Ingrassia says:

    I have subscribed to IINET NBN ,and I am paying for, 50 mp. I check on your suggested website and I only receive uploads of 7 mps and downloads of 5 mp
    Can you hel?

  49. Mark says:

    Very fortunate to have FTTC rather than FTTN (which was what was originally planned – don’t know who made the decision to change that – but very happy it was)

    Get great speeds up and down on 50/20 Unlimited Plan (about 47/18)

    Very happy with NBN and iiNet

    Feel for those with FTTN – hopefully they get upgraded to FTTC

    Apparently our Copper is good enough for 100/40 if we want – but 50/20 seems more than good enough

  50. pamela harris says:

    HOw can I check if I am an iiNet Ultra Broadband Cable customer which seems to mean I wouldn’t need to go to NBN?
    The download speed for some websites has been noticeably slower lately.

  51. Kat says:

    Hey Leo,

    Just letting you know you’re the best n_n

    From an old iibuddy @kathrynw