5 top tips for Draw Something fans

Are you hooked on Draw Something yet?

In the space of just a few months the Pictionary-style game has become a chart topping success with over 50 million downloads worldwide.

Draw Something already has over 15 million regular users who between them have racked up 6 billion drawings!

For all the obsessive doodlers, would-be cartoonists and tortured artists out there, it’s the biggest thing to happen in the app space since Angry Birds first took flights.

Whether you are starting out or have already racked up wins against your friends, these are our top tips for improving your Draw Something efforts:

1) Sometimes bigger is better

The bigger your screen the bigger your advantage over your opponent. iPhone users get a bit of a raw deal, as Android smartphones typically boast a bigger screen size giving a lot more space for drawing.

Many of the best Draw Something pictures out there were done on an iPad, which is easier again to use.

2) Don’t sweat the small stuff

When you’re first starting out take your inspiration from the greats of abstract art rather than the masters of fine art.

Rather than get weighed down in the detail of your image, start with the essential essence of what you’re trying to draw.

Your opponent has a better chance of guessing what you are drawing if you’ve got the main elements down first, whether that’s a distinctive colour, shape or key detail.

3) No more shaky hands

There’s a reason there aren’t more galleries full of amazing finger paintings. It’s because we paint a lot better with a pen or paintbrush.

If you find you’re struggling to keep a steady hand why not splash out on a stylus. It’ll add new precision and detail to your drawings.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling extra creative why not try following one of these videos for making your own?

4) Get smart

Being a bit clever about what you draw can make Draw Something a lot more fun.

Rather than drawing a complicated image, why not impress your opponent with an animation? It’s simple to do using the trash button, perfect for when you need a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image.

Similarly, if you’re struggling to come up with a drawing to represent a word you can always try two separate drawings and link them together.

5) See the world in colour

You start out on Draw Something with just black, red, blue and yellow, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to draw pretty much anything that’s not a canary, an apple or the sea.

If you persevere with your limited colour palette you should rack up enough gold coin rewards in the space of a few days to splash out on more colours, or you can cave in and buy the Mardi Gras package which includes greens, purples, browns and greys.

And don’t forget you can use the eraser for white!

So tell us, are you hooked on Draw Something already? What’s your favourite Draw Something tip?


  1. Anthony Metzen says:

    I like tip 4, never thought of animation like that.

    I would add an extra tip. If you get the same word, make the extra effort to do something different for it. With a limited dictionary, you’ll be bored sooner rather than later if you trot out the same drawing like a cookie cutter.

  2. Tony says:

    Anyone know whether the colours you’ve “bought” in-game are carried over when you buy the full game or not?

  3. Jack Cola says:

    Tony, I would have thought the colours come free in the full game.

  4. @Jack Cola – Nope! When you buy the game you get the same base set of 4 colours and you have to buy more along the way.

    @Tony – Sorry, no idea. I never tried the free version, jumped in feet first and paid my $3 for the full version straight off.

  5. Debs says:

    When purchasing the game you receive bonus coins which then can be used towards colours or bombs. At 99 cents not a bad little investment for heaps of fun!

  6. gth says:

    More tips:
    * spend your first reward coin purchase on the “mardis gras” colour set – it gives you a full set of colours that you don’t already have (unlike nearly all the other sets, which result at least 1 or 2 near-duplicate colours that you start with).
    * Start drawings with a horizon – it helps give perspective (and move the horizon higher or lower on your device, depending on whether you need to draw something on the ground or in the sky)
    * Paint your scene from the ‘back’ to the ‘front’ – this enables a very handy trick you could never do with real paints: overpainting.
    * Don’t bother with outlines – you’ll never draw two lines the same way anyway, so instead rely on painting “on top of” other colours to give a much more reliable shape.
    * Use the eraser as a ‘white’ paint – works great when painting the whole canvas black and then adding points of stars with the rubber.
    * Try to indicate scale somehow. Is it a volcano or a coffee cup? A distant tree on one side can help.
    * When you’re finished, pick a colour you haven’t used yet (I usually use purple) and make a thin circle or arrow indicating the key object in the scene.


  7. Lucy says:

    @Tony – Yes the colours do carry over when you upgrade to the full version.

  8. zara says:

    yes everything is carried over from free game to bought version…names ratings and colors