TopGeeks of the Week

There are just a few days remaining until entries close for TopGeek 2.0 and the competition is certainly heating up. Some of our newest contenders have secured themselves between 100 and 400 votes in a matter of days, while our most popular entrants so far are hedging a thousand.

Our geeks are pulling out all of the stops to land themselves into the finals and it’s not just the traditional geeks either. While we’ve had the usual tech and gamer fans, we’ve also snagged ourselves some wonderfully dedicated geeks for design, Zena: Warrior Princess, writing, Harry Potter, photography, film and, amazingly, a geek for Katie Underwood (remember? From Bardot?).

Let’s take a look at our favourites for this week.

Martin Chella
Martin’s costuming hobby spawned from his large collection of video games. The costume he’s pictured in is a Final Fantasy ‘Black Mage’ which he wore to EB Games Expo 2011 (where he was interviewed by Save Point, EB Games and Good Game), Supanova Brisbane 2011 and on a page in Game Informer Magazine. The ‘Black Mage’ isn’t his only costume; as a regular convention enthusiast he’s now got a small collection of wizarding costumes which generally draws the eyes of a crowd. In his time outside of conventions Martin writes online tech reviews for laptops and spends a hefty amount of time playing first-person shooter games.

Check out his entry!

Frank Macri
Managing a video games store puts Frank fairly high up on the ‘Geek Scale’. If you took a look at his bedroom you’d be forgiven for thinking he was the biggest Halo fan in Australia. He even has his own MasterChief costume; not to mention a huge stack of Magic: The Gathering cards. You can usually find Frank carrying around one of many gadgets including his phone, iPod, 3DS, PS Vita or iPad. He also runs a video game cocktail night at the Eden Hill Bar and Bistro, as well as hosting plenty of video game events and tournaments. He likes to think he’s “giving the Perth geek community what they want”.

Check out his entry!

Alanna Horgan
Though you’ll find her on every social media site there is, Alanna’s greatest passion is her writing and she’s just about to finish her first novel.  With a writing degree already under her belt, Alanna spends her time reading countless books on the craft of writing and for inspiration she devours books, movies, TV shows, tabletop and video games. When she’s not writing she’s getting involved in all sorts of geekery – she draws, cosplays, flies around Australia to attend and speak at sci fi/fantasy conventions, plays board games, plays Warhammer, runs her own website and designs geeky accessories to sell at geeky conventions. She also loves reading about neuroplasticity, string theory, time travel and theoretical physics. This is the second time Alanna has entered the TopGeek competition, having made it into the Top 20 in 2011.

Check out her entry!

Steve Wright
If he’s not gaming on his Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, or 3DS, Steve Wright is writing about gaming on, in front of the camera at gaming events or recording podcasts about gaming. Steve has the 38th highest Australian gamer score on the Xbox 360 platform, and the highest Australian gamer score on Windows Phone 7. He’s now played through Batman: Arkham Asylum four times on Xbox and PC to get a 4000 gamer score. Steve wants to win TopGeek because while he’s got a media pass for this year’s E3, he has to cover flights and accommodation so winning would be a huge help.

Check out his entry video!

If you’d like to have a go at winning one of 25 ‘People’s Choice’ positions in the Top 50 (five from each category), enter now (or nominate a friend) and spread the word as far as possible. You might just win yourself an all expenses paid trip to and International geeky convention of choice.


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