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As TopGeek 2.0 snowballs toward the entry deadline (March 28), the most interesting of Australian geeks are coming out of the woodwork and putting their geeky talents on show. Here are some of our favourites in the competition so far.

Kelly ‘Xena’ Mitchell – Fandom geek
She’s known to most people as Kelly, but in the world of conventions she’s better known as Xena: Warrior Princess. The obsession began with a little nostalgia for her childhood hero and a costume for a party, but has grown to include a dedicated Xena fan website, memberships to several Xena online communities and the role of admin on the leading Xena movie campaign. Kelly’s birthday party costume has come a long way as well to include full armour and a vast collection of authentic props from the TV show.  Kelly’s hoping to become iiNet’s TopGeek so she can attend the last ever official Xena: Warrior Princess convention at Burbank, Los Angeles next year and meet all of her fellow ‘Xenites’ from across the world and keep the Warrior Princess spirit alive!

Check out Kelly ‘Xena’ Mitchell’s entry video!

Bonnie Bradley – Fandom geek
This avid gamer has a hoard of consoles and works at Melbourne’s video game cocktail bar, Mana Bar. Her current gaming obsessions include Skyrim and Skyward Sword and she has a Triforce tattoo on her wrist. Once a week she dons her vampire costume and becomes a “Level 5 Lawful/Evil, human, male necromancer” and hits unsuspecting elves with a foam sword. Bonnie also collects comics, action figurines and anything else nerdy she can get her hands on. When she’s not playing games or at work she uses Adobe Photoshop to artistically express her loves of games and has an “unhealthy obsession with musical theatre” (not Glee).

Check out Bonnie Bradley’s entry!

Jimmy Reilly – Game geek
Jimmy’s geeky qualities could be described as genetic – his dad being an early adopter who exposed him to a plethora of obsolete technology. His childhood hero is James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise, NCC – 1701, who he was first introduced to while playing Star Trek: 25th Anniversary on his dad’s old Mac. In his lifetime he’s owned nearly every major released console and could tell you his favourite game on each of them. Jimmy spent most of January last year in the United States for PAX, the Penny Arcade Gaming Expo, where he spoke up about the lack of an R rating in Australia. You might have spotted Jimmy earlier in the year on the television show, Beauty and the Geek Australia, where he came fourth overall. Now he graces our screens on Channel 10’s Breakfast Freelance Geek.

Check out Jimmy Reilly’s entry video!

Matthew Darch – Art geek
Matthew owns and operates the 20-seat Microcinema, 1UP, in Northbridge which screens cult classics and festival favourites including the recently screened Hobo with a Shotgun, a documentary on the world Monopoly Championships, America’s ugliest dog competition and various vintage NBA games. He also runs Mario Kart Speed Dating, which has attracted more than 200 geeks; and retro gaming tournaments on the big screen. Matthew is also running Perth’s first BASEketball tournament. His microcinema strives to keep its vintage geek edge by featuring four Super Nintendos, a Megadrive, Master System and Point Blank Arcade Shooter and stocking its candy bar with geeky foods like Kool Aid, Poptarts and Milk Duds.

Check out Matthew Darch’s entry!

If you’d like to show off your inner geek and put yourself in the running to become iiNet’s TopGeek 2.0 and winner of an all expenses paid trip overseas, enter now at the TopGeek website.

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