TopGeek 2.0 – Top 50 Finalists revealed!

The votes have been cast, the judges have deliberated; and now we’re excited to announce our TopGeek 2.0 top 50 finalists! Check out the dedicated webpage here to meet the geeks in each category.

The Challenges
Now that the 50 biggest geeks in the bunch have been catapulted into the top 50 they face a geeky video challenge where they’ll battle it out to secure a place in the TopGeek 2.0 Final Showdown!

So what exactly is in store for our TopGeek 2.0 Top 50 finalists?

Art – Our Art geeks will need to use their creative skills to describe what the geek of the future will be. Their video entry can be communicated in their art form of choice, the more creative the better!

Game – Game geeks need to use every ounce of their geeky love of gaming to come up with a video entry explaining their concept for the next must-have game.

Tech – The Tech finalists’ mission will be to create a gadget or similar invention and communicate the idea in a video.

Internet – The challenge for our finalists will be to produce a piece of content and use their knowledge of the Internet and social mediums to have the piece of content “go viral”.

Fandom – Fandom finalists will use their knowledge of fandom to create a concept that is capable of having its own fandom following.

A twist in the tale!
Last weekend our TopGeek crew headed to Adelaide’s Oz Comic Con to find a new contender for our Top 50 finalists. Each of our finalists has spent the past four weeks sizing up their competition; we wanted to shake things up and throw a new finalist in the mix. After much searching and pitting of geeks against each other, we’ve found our secret finalist!

Meet Itachi Uchiha who will now join the Fandom finalists in their mission to secure a spot in the Top 5.

TopGeek TV
This year we want you to get to know our TopGeeks like never before. So we’ve put together an online mini-series, hosted by comedian and self-proclaimed geek, Lawrence Leung to give you a glimpse into the lives of a handful of our favourite finalists. We also keep you up to date on the latest geeky news and TopGeek  2.0 competitions online. Tune in to the Freezone or the TopGeek 2.0 website to catch the latest episode.

It’s going to be an action-packed few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out on the TopGeek website and the iiNet Blog for more TopGeek action as it happens.

Get your geek on!

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