Twitter gets a facelift (and new brand pages)

by Geoff Searle

The developers at Twitter have had their work cut out for them lately. In one fell swoop the popular social network announced the release of branded Twitter pages and also did a complete design of the interface. We think the new changes are pretty cool so let’s take a look at what’s now on offer.

The redesign
There’s been a bit of criticism in online media that the new Twitter design bears a striking resemblance to its biggest competitor, Facebook. Personally, I think Twitter has simply shuffled things around a little to make everything easier to see. The next time you log in to Twitter you may find your profile photo, a list of your followers, who you’re following and worldwide trends jotted down the left side of the page, while the rest of the page is dedicated to your tweets.

Your tweets themselves are now more interactive that ever. Much like other social networks like Facebook, Google+ and MySpace, you can watch videos and view photographs without all of the unnecessary clicking.

The new design also highlights the various functions of Twitter, making the network as a whole a lot easier to digest. Simply click on ‘connect’ and you’ll be greeted with any instances where someone has retweeted or favourited one of your tweets. Click on ‘home’ and you’ll be taken to the main stream of people you have chosen to follow. Click on ‘me’ and you’ll open up an expanded version of your personal wall. It’s dead easy and seems to have achieved Twitter Chairman, Jack Dorsey’s mission to make Twitter “simpler not just for people already engaged but easier for new people to discover it and find value in it.”

Brand pages
Twitter brand pages finally set businesses and single users apart. While the functionality remains largely the same, brand pages allow page admins to highlight their best tweets and other content by placing them at the top of the page. This effectively demotes any negative commentary further down the page. Having this kind of control lets businesses promote the kind of content (photos and videos) that will support their brand. It also ensures a tweeter with a chip on their shoulder won’t scare away prospective followers.

Your brand page comes with a lovely big header for your logo, tagline and other design elements – all aimed at giving your brand more exposure than has been possible on Twitter before. These brand pages also give users the ability to either make all of their posts public, or keep them private so that only user-approved followers can see them.

It’s an exciting time for social media as our various social networks battle it out for supremacy. New designs, new applications and new features are being created at a rapid pace to immerse you more effectively than ever in the digital economy. As we stumble along in the wake of these new developments, we can take comfort in the knowledge that our social networks are at least getting simpler and more user friendly with each iteration. I can think of few people who might just brave Twitter now.

To learn more about the new design and brand pages, or to find out how to get your hands on the new design early, head here.

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