Two NBN alternatives you may not have heard of

More options are better than one, so – while the NBN is a huge improvement to its predecessor ADSL – it’s great to know that it’s not your only choice for internet. iiNet have two NBN alternatives worth considering during your hunt for a home connection – 5G Home Broadband and Home Wireless Broadband.

Read on to discover how they work and how they stack up against the NBN so you can confidently choose the right service for your home.

5G Home Broadband

What is 5G Home Broadband?

As the name suggests, iiNet 5G Home Broadband uses iiNet’s new 5G network to connect your home to the internet in the same way your phone uses data. It also means that, unlike the NBN, you won’t need to schedule an installation appointment. Once the iiNet supplied 5G modem is plugged in and positioned for the best signal (by a window is best), you should be able to get online.

How much does it cost?

iiNet currently offer two 5G Home Broadband plans: Premium and Max.

  • Premium ($74.99/mth) offers download speeds up to a maximum off-peak of 100Mbps^ and can handle 2-8 connected devices at any one time.
  • Max ($84.99/mth) gives you the maximum speed available* on our 5G network, and is great for larger, internet-heavy households with 8-15 connected devices.

Both plans come with the first months’ plan fees free. T&Cs apply.

Where is it available?

iiNet 5G is a new technology and has just started rolling out to select parts of major cities, so it’s not available everywhere just yet. Use our address checker to see if you can get connected today. Alternatively, you can sign up for an iiNet NBN plan and we’ll help you switch to 5G Home Broadband if it becomes available in your area.

Home Wireless Broadband  

What is Home Wireless Broadband?

Like 5G Home Broadband, iiNet Home Wireless also uses a mobile network to deliver internet – connecting the iiNet supplied modem to existing 4G towers nearby. As speeds are slower on 4G than 5G, we recommend this plan to smaller households of 1-2 who don’t use a whole lot of data and is the perfect alternative if you’re looking at NBN12 plans. Once again, you won’t need to wait for an installation appointment – you’re ready to go as soon as it’s plugged in.

How much does it cost?

iiNet Home Wireless Broadband is $59.99/mth for new iiNet broadband customers and just $49.99/mth if you’re an existing iiNet broadband customer. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you’ll still get your first month free (T&Cs apply) and maximum off-peak download speeds up to 20Mbps.

Where is it available?

You can check availability at your address on our website.

Live in Geelong, Mildura, Ballarat, or Canberra?

On the east coast, iiNet have two cabled networks separate to the NBN: iiNet Ultra Cable and Ultra VDSL2.

  • Geelong, Mildura, and Ballarat: Our iiNet Ultra Cable network can connect your home with typical evening speeds of 350Mbps.
  • Canberra: iiNet Ultra VDSL2 currently offers typical evening speeds of 74Mbps and is set to get faster in 2022 with $10 million in network upgrades planned for the upcoming months.

Getting the most out of your NBN

Problems with your NBN signal? Often, it’s not actually the network itself that is causing a headache, but your plan or hardware, including modems. Check out this article on the iiBlog for tips on how to improve your NBN home WiFi signal, or you can always give our friendly team a call!

^ Speeds are variable and may be slower during busy periods.

*Max speeds are the fastest speeds our 5G network can deliver at the time and place you are using your device. Speeds are variable and may be slower during busy periods.