Upgrade your TV diet: welcome to iiNet TV with Fetch

Is your TV diet looking a little lacklustre? Tired of watching the same repeats, day in, day out? Well my friends, variety is the spice of life and there’s never been a better time to dine in at home with iiNet and Fetch.

Welcome to iiNet TV with Fetch!

iiNet TV with Fetch is a set-top box that gives your household access to more TV channels and movies than you can poke a fork at. All the features that you loved about the original set-top box are back: a 1 terabyte PVR, 3 digital tuners and easy to navigate menus.

You also get the best of two worlds: everything delivered through your existing rapid-fire iiNet broadband connection but it won’t impact your monthly data use. Tasty.

Better than ever

Thanks to some behind the scenes magic, this second-generation set-top box ensures that content now comes faster than ever before and with snappier performance. Switch between channels as fast as those fingers can click!

The new set-top box also runs cooler thanks to an external power supply. So you can get hot and steamy while watching Ryan Gosling but your set-top box won’t. The new set-top box even comes in two colours: classic black or sleek white.

So what’s on the menu?

Some of us like classic fish and chips, while others prefer the pan-fried salmon with a side of veg. Meanwhile the kids still won’t eat their crusts.

Whatever your palate, iiNet TV with Fetch lets you cater to the different TV tastes and appetites in your household.

iiNet TV – Starter

This is your entrée sampler into the world of iiNet TV with Fetch.

  • You’ll get all the free-to-air TV channels including the digital channels that are available in your area.
  • Pause, rewind and record live TV.
  • Record entire TV series and watch them whenever you want.
  • Record two channels while watching another. (No more arguments over who controls the remote.)
  • Rent movies through pay-per-view for as little as $3.95 per view. Choose from over 1,600 latest releases!
  • Record and browse TV shows, movies and trailers with the Fetch TV mobile app (available on iOS and Android).
  • Use the My Media Hub on the set-top box to play your favourite videos, photos or music tracks. You can also browse and play rich media content stored on compatible devices through your home computer network or connected USB devices.

iiNet TV – Entertainment

For those who prefer a smorgasbord of choice, the Entertainment package is sure to satisfy. In addition to everything in the Starter package you’ll also get:

  • 30 more channels. Whether it’s news or fashion, nature documentaries or lifestyle, catch up on all your favourite TV series. (Never miss Jersey Shore again!)
  • With TV on demand you can catch up on all those series that you love, from family friendly children’s videos (Gekko) to the latest concerts from around the world (Moshcam).
  • Bring out the popcorn- with Movie Box, all movies are free to watch. With 30 on-demand movies at any given time and a new title added daily, there’ll always be something to watch.

Exotic flavours

A little bit of this, two helpings of that… now you can pick and choose whatever takes your fancy.

  • Setanta Sports and Ovation can be added to your contract for an additional cost.
  • Fancy something a little spicier? From Bollywood hits and Korean dramas to the latest Chinese action flicks, check out our World TV packs.

No matter what you’re craving, we’ve got something that will tickle your TV viewing taste buds. So if you sort out the food and drink- we’ll supply the entertainment.

See you at your place around 8? 

For more information on costs and minimum home setup requirements visit:

Please note that our new iiNet TV set top box is available at the moment for new iiNet TV customers only. Existing customers will be able to upgrade to our new set top box within the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


  1. terry says:

    whot price for the box

  2. Christine Infanti says:

    A lot of words , but no info on how I upgrade the unit that I have now, not enough info of the important kind.

  3. Conor Buckley says:

    I have the “old” FetchTV – I only received it late Jan / early Feb. what now or is this just a tease?

  4. gloria says:

    i would like to know the cost etc and all costs please let me know i live in the country

  5. Damian says:

    Are swapping out the old huge Ferch TV devices

  6. Richard Grimshaw says:

    will existing subscribers be upgraded to the newer better box?

  7. Valerie McGlen says:


    My husband and I have enjoyed Fetch TV, but due to not being able to watch The Rugby (we’re kiwi’s and love watching the All Blacks) we are considering cancelling our Fetch and changing over to Foxtel.
    Will you’s be televising any rugby at all this year?

    Kind regards

    All Blacks Fans 🙂

  8. Hamish says:

    Any news on iView app for Fetch TV?

  9. says:

    How much is fetch tv and how long
    Regards Greg

  10. Nostromo says:

    Obvious question: what are the up front & monthly costs for each plan?

  11. Jaspar Goodman says:

    How are you offering this ‘amazing’ new service when you still have customers that have an inoperational fetch tv? My service has been off for 3 weeks now with no communication from iinet as to when it will be restored.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Jaspar,

      If your iiNet TV with Fetch service is still down, we would recommend getting in contact with us on 13 22 58 and our team can run through some diagnostics to see if we can get you back online. There was an outage a few weeks ago that caused issues with IPoE customers (FetchTV services) however this has since been resolved. If a temporary fix was put in place on your account during that outage so you could browse the internet, you may need to call us to have it returned to a normal connection setting.


  12. Martyn Wright says:

    I rent my existing version 1 fetch stb from iinet, does thus been you will upgrade it given its a rental

  13. martyn wright says:

    so given I rent my current Fetch TV box through iinet will I be given a replacement new version to rent?

  14. Renate Polglaze says:

    Does the device connect wireless, or must it be connected via the USB port on the computer?
    What is the cost of the device with only Starter pkg?
    What is the cost with the additional entertainement pkg?
    Would I have to update my current contract?
    Regards Renate Polglaze

  15. James Parkinson says:


    I am already an iinet ciustomer and have Fetch TV, its excellent.

    Will the new box be sent to me? This would be fantastic if it was, it would allow my friends to see the excellent product and give me a trendy gadget to promote.

    I do hope I will be receiving one of these…



  16. john says:

    No mention of the cost so why hide it how much does it cost?

  17. Peter Spork says:

    How much power does the iinet TV use on standby?

  18. Eric says:

    Does it have a USB slot so I can transfer any saved content acros to ?????

  19. Sean says:

    Looks really good, but I will wait till the pricing improves…a lot.

  20. Bharat (Barry) says:

    I would like to know whether Fetch TV Set top box can be available in the area where ADSL2 connections are not yet accessible. We are in area where only ADSL1 connection is available.

    SO please let us know and what it will cost to us if it is a possibility

  21. Margaret says:

    So, what happens to to your customers who have Fetch TV now and are paying monthly rental? are you going to upgrade us to this new ‘Better than ever’ set top box?

  22. eric rawlings says:

    yes i already have a blu-ray recorder/player…………does this make any difference………….can this be hooked up to a pc………please explain further…….thankyou

  23. Allen Smith says:

    Read all the benefits of fetch TV several times, but not once was the price mentioned.
    Hate mind games.

  24. David Hoy says:

    If you are able to bring Fox Sports on and offer a competitive price inclusive of broadband and phone then Fetch TV starts to look very attractive.

    Fix Sports is the only sticking point for me.



  25. Cliff Perrin says:

    My understanding, is that future tv’s will haveto change sound systems to MP4 playback. Thisis apparently already in the pipeline. How will this affect your Fetch TV PVR?
    I believe that tv’s without upgrade paths on the circuit board will become obsolete and of no more use.

  26. vivian says:

    What channels do you get for this ?

  27. Frank Sahin says:

    Great write up Natalie, are you sure you’re not in media?
    I would suggest you have your own column 🙂 ’cause I actually enjoyed reading an (essentially) advertisement :))
    Unfortunately, I’m not having much luck with my existing STB… it keeps crashing! (5 to 15 times a day). It was replaced with another STB recently (same version different box) but still no love 🙁 aargh!
    Any suggestions???

    Kindest Regards,

  28. Garry Rose says:

    I would like to know what cost of set top box, and what changes to my internet connection and downloads if any, where do i get the box from , how is it delivered, how easy is it to connect to tv.

  29. pranav says:


    I have just signed up for IINET NBN connection at our new house. I would like to know how I can get IINet fetch TV.


  30. jvanryn says:

    hello team 18 mnths 2 years ago i bought a bob from you folks there was 3 mnths fetch tv for free 2 days in it packed up would not work i rang support the organishd to be picked up and never got a replacement so im still wondering of i should try it again thank you for your attention regards jvanryn

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Jvanryn,

      The three months free FetchTV promotion has since concluded, so we are no longer able to offer it as a trial for FetchTV. If you are interested in iiNet TV with Fetch, you can give us a call on 13 19 17 to order it.


  31. Michael Berry says:

    on the new set top box is the start up time significantly reduced?
    if the new box is much better is it possible to switch boxes and if so can current content stored on a box be cloned?

  32. damien says:


    pelase replace my old box, it doesnt work properly. pls call me on xxxxxxxxxx

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Damien,

      Thank you for your comment, I’ve taken a look at your account and it appears that this is already under investigation by our iiNet TV with Fetch team.


  33. Bill says:

    Would like to have Fetch TV etc. at my place. However, because I am here in the east, I cannot do without my Rugby League telecasts every week. Soccer and VFL (ah…. AFL) are not my choice of sports.
    If Fetch had Rugby League telecasts, I would not hesitate.

  34. Scott says:

    Hi Natalie,
    Awesome post. Just wanted to know if current Fetch subscribers are able to get an upgrade to this new version please?

  35. JEFF says:


  36. phil bloomfield says:

    The Entertainment pack sound good and will get it when its available 🙁 Will I need to wait until NBN is here?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      The Entertainment pack for iiNet TV with Fetch is available on NBN, but it’s also available on some iiNet-enabled exchanges. If you jump onto our FetchTV website ( and down the bottom you can enter your phone number or iiNet username and it checks if you can get the Entertainment pack.


  37. Bryon Archer says:

    We have an old 26inch TV and would love a nice set top box to go with a 55inch smart TV to keep up us up to the latest in technology. Regards Bryon & Beverley Archer.

  38. Lynn says:

    The only thing that keeps me on foxtel is the sport, Rugby/NRL/A-League. Yours sounds great, but I don’t have the entertainment or movies only their standard plus sport. Setanta is not going to show the local in those sports.

  39. karunakarnkutty says:

    You say that the set up box for new customers only. You must actually serve old loyal customers first. That is actually a better process to maintain loyal customers.
    Seems you are only interested in future new income…

  40. Ronald Palmer says:

    Will this new top box fit and fully functional on a Samsung T/V that already has additional channels ??

  41. malcolm says:

    Hi, I have fetch already,
    if I upgrade to the new box will it cost any money and how will I be able to do this?
    Thanks. Mal……

  42. Stu says:

    Is this version compatible with bonded DSL? I was told that the original fetch tv device would not work with a bonded setup but they were working on it.

  43. Fernando says:

    Any chances I could get Fetch TV on my computer? The reason I don’t watch much television these days is that I don’t have space for a TV in my computer room. Now get me Fetch TV online and I will be the first to sign up.

  44. Adam says:

    Is it high definition or 3d?

  45. Erin says:

    How much is the new iinet Fetch TV. Is it on a plan? Thanks

  46. Matt says:

    Is the new box intelligent enough to record only NEW episodes of a series, rather than all? This was a MAJOR let down in the previous version and is why I went back to my ICETV powered PVR.

  47. Stanley Jones says:

    I am keen to sign up for iinet TV.
    Call me on xxxxxxxxxx.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Stanley,

      I’ve just taken a look at your account and we’ll need to wait until your service is connected before you can sign up to Naked DSL. Once it is connected, give us a call on 13 19 17 and we’ll get you hooked up to iiNet TV with Fetch.


  48. Nico Claassen says:

    It sounds very nice but it would be better if I can get ADSL2+ or naked DSL first!!!!!!!!

    I cant believe in this day and age that you cant help me with ADSL2+ or naked DSL!

    Nico Claassen

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Nico,

      We try and bring ADSL2+ and Naked DSL served via iiNet DSLAMs to all exchanges and locations that we easily can. Unfortunately in some cases, it’s not possible to install our equipment as the local exchange might not have adequate cooling, power or space to install and run new equipment in. In these cases, we still try and provide ADSL/ADSL2+ through a different wholesale provider via our off-net plans.


  49. msoffer says:

    how much?

  50. Thomas says:

    Will existing iinet fetch tv customers recieve an upgraded set top box?

  51. tricia says:

    Hi I enquired about fetch a while ago and was told it wasnt avialable yet in my area i just wanted to find out if it is available to me yet thank you

  52. lucia zanetti says:

    how much is it & who is going to teach me how to use it?

  53. Shakeela Abdul Shukkur says:

    Really interested in FetchTV. Are you able to advise me how much it would cost me to set it up with Bollywood movies, also do you provide South Indian channels.

    Thirdly if it uses cable, can I change my internet to cable and how much will it cost me to have a package deal?

  54. AnnettePardavi says:

    Will fetch be like having all the foxtel channels

  55. Natalie Marinho says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your great comments and interest in iiNet TV with Fetch.

    A few of you have asked about pricing information. It varies depending on what package you would like and your current plan but here’s some further info:

    • iiNet TV with Fetch Starter is included in the iiNet $99 Combo or can be added to an existing iiNet broadband plan for just $10 per month.
    • iiNet TV with Fetch Entertainment costs $20 per month when added to an existing iiNet broadband plan, or just $10 more per month when added to a $99 Combo that includes iiNet TV with Fetch Starter.
    • World TV packages start from $14.95 per month.
    • The Setanta Sports package is $14.95 per month.

    More information on channels and packages is available here:

    For additional info on what you need to sign up to iiNet TV please visit:


  56. Rob says:

    Hi Natalie
    We’re an iiNet customer, thinking of changing over to IPTV -Fetch via iiNet.
    Could you tell me this: is it possible to record free to air NRL and AFL programs to the Fetch STB? Or does the recent Optus Now TV ruling by the high court prevent this?
    If the latter I feel I am being pushed towards Foxtel…
    Thanks, Rob

    • Natalie Marinho says:

      Hi Rob,

      Yes, you can record all free-to-air channels via the iiNet TV Set Top Box PVR (personal video recorder). You can also record all the Entertainment channels as well. I hope this information helps “nudge” you towards iiNet TV with Fetch… 🙂

      iiNet Blog Editor

  57. Austin says:

    Heads Up! I have had Fetch TV for 2 years and it has worked well – a lot of crap on it but a few interesting things, the good thing is the STB/Recorder … it makes a world of difference being able to set & record all TV. THEN CAME THE UPGRADE! Well my Fritzbox modem got a firmware update which knocked out about 10 of the channels and can’t fix it unless the Fritz mob issue another update … I won’t hold my breathe for that!
    Then FETCH just issued a new software version called Bondi (done automatically) and this wiped out the Fetch Android App. I had it on three devices and it worked beaut. By using a TV sender we were able to watch Fetch in another room and control the STB using the app on our phone or tablet. No more though until Fetch decide to issue an App update. Took hours of checking everything and rebooting reinstalling the app over and over. Bloody shame they couldn’t test these things before they release them – reminiscent of MS eh? – The system is good value all things considered. – Grant