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Residents of Geelong, Mildura and Ballarat: did you know that you could be part of the exclusive group eligible to sign up to iiNet’s own ultrafast, state-of-the-art cable broadband network? Known as Hybrid Fibre Coaxial Cable (HFC), or simply “Cable”, our own fibre to the node network delivers fast and reliable internet to a network boundary point near you.

So how fast is ultrafast? Well our fresh new Cable plan reports a typical evening download speed of 200 Megabits per second (Mbps)! So if you’re currently on a standard ADSL plan receiving less than 24Mbps, you’re in for a big jump in connection speed when you choose to switch to Cable.

The good news keeps coming; iiNet’s Cable plan lets you experience these speeds at an affordable and great value price. For $79.99 per month* you not only get the ultrafast speeds, you’ll also have Local and standard National calls included, plus LIIMITLESS data.

Still not convinced? Then maybe I should tell you that we have a limited time offer~ to give you 50% off your cable plan for the first 12 months on a 24 month contract. We’ve taken an already great value plan and cut the cost. Need I say more?

So if you’re lucky enough to be a resident of one of the areas eligible for this service, take advantage of it and sign up now! With impressive speeds, huge quota and a special half price offer, why wouldn’t you want to get connected ASAP? Click here to check your eligibility and sign up or give our friendly sales team a call on 13 19 17 and start enjoying Cable today.

* Min cost $1,499.75 on 24 month plan. Limited time offer.

Full T&Cs:

Offer only applies to new customers.


  1. John says:

    Ok so when is Perth gonna get this sort of service.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ll be sure to let you know as additional services become available in your area, John!

      – Brianna

  2. Kevin Maywal says:

    when is this coming to Port Pirie

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ll keep you posted as additional services become available in your area, Kevin. Future rollout advancements and plans are often communicated via our blog, we encourage you keep an eye out for any mention of your area.

      – Brianna

  3. James Rolton says:

    Half price cable for a year to new customers? What about all your loyal current HFC customers like myself? Where’s the love?

  4. chris nielsen says:

    this is a new year joke right? I already PAY for 100 MB dl speed, yet the absolute I can get is 2! Your company is a disgrace!

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Concerning to hear you’re experiencing such difficulty with your connection performance, Chris. We’d recommend getting in touch with our Support (13 22 58) team to run through a series of troubleshooting to determine the cause.

      – Brianna

  5. Glynn Ford says:

    I have been on your Geelong HFC for the last 2 years, is what you are offering now a different way of doing it

  6. John Emery says:

    I live in Dianella, Western Australia.
    My internet speed is appalling. NBN seems to be all around this suburb but not in it.
    What can iinet do about this????

  7. trevor collins says:

    your saying only $79.99,so why are i paying 89.95,please exsplain,

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Trevor,

      You may have rental hardware attached ($9.95 per month), or maybe you’ve added a callpack to your VoIP service ($10 per month) to call Mobile Numbers or international destinations free of charge.
      We recommend getting in touch with our Billing Team on 13 22 58 to discuss further.

      – Amy

  8. Mick Russell says:

    Why can’t I get ADSL 2? I can only get off net?

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Mick,

      Unfortunately, we can’t have our equipment in every exchange in Australia.
      When we can’t, we resell Telstra Ports at the exchange, so customer’s can still connect with iiNet and enjoy all the benefits along with it.
      Adding a turbo pack to the Off-Net connection, opens the line up from ADSL1 (1.5Mbps) to gain maximum speed available, so you can still receive ADSL2+ speeds if the exchange is capable.

      – Amy

  9. Tim says:

    I live in Ballarat and have had the iiNet cable service for just over a year. Having read the posts on this blog, I thought I would check the download speed of my connection. I’ve just run an Ookla speed test which yielded a download speed of 260 Mbps. Astonishing, so thought I’d run the test again. Not so good the second time around – 140 Mbps. A third time – 254 Mbps. Are these speed tests reliable?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Tim,

      Speed tests aren’t always accurate and they can be a bit confused by things like Wi-Fi interference, for instance. However, with your results, we can’t complain one bit! To be sure, you can login to your modem and you’ll be able to see the current connection rate there – this is the correct figure to use.

      – Leo